signature blends

Big Water Coffee Roasters Cooperative offers six distinct blends, available year-round.

Sea Smoke - 8/10
Complex, Light, Sweet Smokiness

Moon Chaser - 5/10
Sweet, Cocoa, Balanced

1332' House Blend - 5/10
Velvety, Vibrant, Sweet

Burro Blend - 3/10
Sweet, Citrus, Lively

Midnight Voyageur - 9/10
Robust, Smoky, Dark Chocolate

Red Beard Espresso - 6/10  
Caramel, Rich, Milk Chocolate

signature blends

single origin coffee

Sourced from one specific farm or region, the origin of these beans is reflected in their name.
These offerings change regularly so be sure to check our online shop for current availability.

Brazil Sertaozhino Farm - 5/10

Ethiopia Aricha - 2/10
Intense floral aroma, with notes of green grape, clementine and a candied maple finish

Guatemala Huehuetenango - 3/10
Citrus sweetness, toffee with hints of walnut

Peru Cenfrocafe - 2/10
Sweet, with notes of dry cocoa, red berries and lemon

Sumatra Mandheling - 5/10
Earth and smooth, with notes of cedar and thyme

single origin coffee


decaf BLENDS

Dark Devil - 9/10
Dark, Smoky, Chocolate

Wet Devil - 6/10
Sweet, Smooth, Clean Finish

Decaf Guatemala Aldea Santa Avelina - 5/10
Burnt sugar berry, with a slight wine acidity

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seasonal BLENDS

Big Water Coffee Roasters Cooperative offers four seasonal blends, available as the year progresses. 

Sugarmoon Spring Blend - 3/10
Sweet, Bright, Light

Pedal Pusher Summer Blend*  - 5/10
Sweet, Fruit, Balanced

Sweater Weather Fall Blend - 6/10
Sweet, Smoky, Rich

Snowplow Winter Blend* - 7/10
Bold, Sweet, Spicy

*Currently available

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& Limited edition BLENDS

We have partnered with several local businesses, organizations and festivals to create custom blends that reflect our unique commitments.  

Co-op Blend* - 5/10
With the Chequamegon Food Co-op

Fenega Fuel*  - 8/10
With Northland College

Master Musher Blend - 9/10
With the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race

Apple Festival Blend - 4/10
With the Bayfield Apple Festival

*Currently available

& limited edition blends