signature blends

Big Water Coffee Roasters Cooperative offers six distinct blends, available year-round.

Sea Smoke - 8/10
Complex, Light, Sweet Smokiness

Moon Chaser - 5/10
Sweet, Cocoa, Balanced

1332' House Blend - 5/10
Velvety, Vibrant, Sweet

Burro Blend - 3/10
Sweet, Citrus, Lively

Midnight Voyageur - 9/10
Robust, Smoky, Dark Chocolate

Red Beard Espresso - 6/10  
Caramel, Rich, Milk Chocolate

signature blends

single origin coffee

Sourced from one specific farm or region, the origin of these beans is reflected in their name.
Please note: these change regularly based on availability.

Brazil Sertaozhino Farm - 5/10

Decaf Guatemala Aldea Santa Avelina - 5/10
Burnt sugar, berry,with a slight wine acidity

Guatemala Huehuetenango - 3/10
Citrus sweetness, toffeewith hints of walnut

Guatemala Santa Clara La Laguna - 3/10
Sweet, rich notes of cranberry and mandarin orange

Peru Cenfrocafe - 2/10
Sweet, with notes of dry cocoa, red berries and lemon

Sumatra Mandheling - 5/10
Earth and smooth, with notes of cedar and thyme

single origin coffee


decaf BLENDS

Dark Devil - 9/10
Dark, Smoky, Chocolate

Wet Devil - 6/10
Sweet, Smooth, Clean Finish

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seasonal BLENDS

Big Water Coffee Roasters Cooperative offers four seasonal blends, available as the year progresses. 

Sugarmoon Spring Blend - 3/10
Sweet, Bright, Light

Pedal Pusher Summer Blend  - 5/10
Sweet, Fruit, Balanced

Sweater Weather Fall Blend - 6/10
Sweet, Smoky, Rich

Snowplow Winter Blend* - 7/10
Bold, Sweet, Spicy

*Currently available

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& Limited edition BLENDS

We have partnered with several local businesses, organizations and festivals to create custom blends that reflect our unique commitments.  

Co-op Blend* - 5/10
With the Chequamegon Food Co-op

Fenenga Fuel*  - 8/10
With Northland College

Master Musher Blend - 9/10
With the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race

Apple Festival Blend - 4/10
With the Bayfield Apple Festival

*Currently available

& limited edition blends