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Bunn coffee Makers feature like an iPhone amongst the vast majority of coffee machines. Though they appear to be much priced when taken into account with the other models in the recent mechanistic industry, the potentiality of the Bunn brewers makes it an affordable product to be used in every household.  All the more, clients trust this coffee maker like nothing else in the market. Its appearance combined with the perfect price and quality, makes it look like one of the best products that live up to the reputation of serving one of the perfect blends of coffee. If an individual is quite intimate with his morning or evening coffee, the first product that should arise in mind is that of the Bunn.  An interesting evaluation of the coffee machine might be a good attempt to start with. A complete compilation of the excellent Bunn Coffee makers is listed below.

Bringing the Latest and Best Bunn Coffee Makers of 2018:

The table below highlights the latest and smartest models of coffee makers available in the market that readily pleases all taste buds.

Latest choice: Bunn NHS velocity brew 15 cups 

15 cups


In 5 minutes




Not Listed

Bunn Single Cup for multipurpose use 


2 cups



In 30 seconds



Not required



Not listed

Bunn Velocity brew 15 cups thermal carafe 

15 cups






Price not listed

Bunn BXD velocity brew 10 cups 

10 cups


In 2 minutes




Not mentioned

Bunn GRB velocity brew 15 cups 

15 cups


In 3 minutes




No price mentioned

Bunn VPR 16 cup Pour over        16 cupsIn 3 minutes      Glass Not listed
Bunn speed brew 15 cups        15 cupsUnder 4 minutes      Glass Not listed

Following are some of the statements given by the users of the coffee maker.

  • Bunn NHS Velocity Brew: The latest and most Favourite-

‘’ In a go-kart racing game, Velocity brew would surely take the lead’’

As soon as the product was first marketed as one of the trendiest and latest coffee makers, customers couldn’t stop their inquisitiveness.  The stainless steel tank was seen to be the best feature. Additionally, a warm plate to immediately warm up the coffee is also present, which makes the coffee ready in 5 minutes. A significant amount of hot water is stored inside the machine, thus lowering the preparation time. A minimum of 3 cups of coffee can be made together but even a small single cup can be brewed too. Moreover, the taste of the exquisite coffee seeds is refreshing and stays the same, even for 5-10 cups. The bottles given with this product are specially designed in order to deal with all sorts of leakage difficulties. Coming to the flaws, the machine is not the same when compared to other non-Bunn filters. That significant capacity, quality, and speed of a brewer is not present. Therefore, keeping aside the framework and spillage difficulty, Bunn brewer should make it to everyone’s shopping list.


The Pros:

  • The speediest coffee machine that takes the least brewing time.
  • Flexible and long lasting.
  • A modern and sleek appearance
  • Contains a new version of the bottle.


The Cons:

  • Preferably should contain filters.


The Final Balance:

NHS Velocity brew is a favorite among its customers because of its high-speed feature. It saves time and does not hamper the taste of coffee. It’s perfect in every direction and is one of the best products to purchase.


  • Bunn Single Cup: A Multipurpose Coffee Maker –

‘’ this product lets the customers choose which coffee or tea is suited best for an individual’’

This model is one of the best multipurpose coffee makers that serve only 2 cups of coffee at once. It doesn’t feature most occasionally but suits the taste and crosses the expectancy of the customers. This coffee maker not only brews exceptional coffee but even tea, made with leaves or tea-bags. Besides, the machine’s warm water button can instantly make soup or a hot drink, when not in the mood to drink coffee. The coffee maker makes it sure that the drink is served piping hot. There are a lot of other features that a person gets accustomed to, after using the coffee maker to brew coffee for a few months. While the brewer is without any water storage tank, many find this aspect useful. It’s therefore, easy to make a cup of coffee by just adding the quantity of water according to the cup size.


The Pros:

  • Instant hot coffee is made
  • Modern design that requires less counter space
  • Quality is durable
  • Efficient
  • Change taste according to personal preferences.


The Cons:

  • No water tank
  • A little knowledge is given.


The Final Balance:

The brewer serves 2 cups of coffee at once and allows the customer to personally manage and measures their coffee cup.  The service offered to the customers is incredible and this product is for people who love 2 cups of coffee.


  • Bunn Velocity Brew 15 cups Thermal Carafe: The Home Coffee Brewer-

‘’ A rather fast runner that serves magical coffee’’

Coffee making is a huge task for daily routine people, and therefore this new model is the best option for a perfect cup. A maximum of 15 cups of coffee can be made within 4 minutes. It’s one of the best available in the market because it provides coffee as well as hot water for other drinks.  This coffee machine is featured with an extraordinary quality that keeps the taste of the coffee intact and flavorsome. It can store warm water for 3 hrs that saves time while brewing the next coffee cup. Taking into the measurement of the machine which is 7.5*13*15, it requires quite a lot of storage place; the product is rather taller and not fancy like other coffee machines. Customers are of the opinion that the quality of the Bunn coffee makers has changed with time. The quality is excellent in comparison to other coffee makers but its external appearance needs a makeover.


The Pros:

  • Super fast delivery of coffee
  • Long-lasting
  • Coffee is kept hot for a longer period of time
  • Durable


The Cons:

  • Large storage space
  • Overflowing with


The Final Balance:

Bunn velocity brew is best when taken into account the speed and its features. It’s a bit costly but that’s quite okay for the one-time money spends on it.


  • Bunn BXD velocity: 10 cups of Brewed Coffee-

‘’ An absolute-height product for every individual’’

BXD velocity is again one of the latest and speediest coffee makers present in the market. Speed refers to the fast flowing of the water through the ground, resulting in great releasing of flavors. Therefore, it pretty much tastes good. The texture and flavor of coffee are at its peak and making a cup of coffee takes less than 2 minutes with this machine. Although the body of the model is made of a malleable material, it’s quite durable and strong. The photos of the coffee brewer might, therefore, be misleading. The striking feature of this machine is its height adjustment technique that helps us brew a cup even in the hills, where the temperature drops down too easily. The coffee maker adjusts itself to the outside temperature and therefore makes the perfect cup of coffee. One has to be cautioned with the coffee grounds. Bunn filters start overflowing because of the velocity of the flowing water.


The Pros:

  • Fast coffee making process
  • Highly efficient and strong
  • Used in areas with lower temperatures
  • Long-lasting


The Cons:

  • Coffee grounds cause leakage.


The Final Balance:

In order to serve people living in areas with lower temperatures, BXD velocity brewer brews the perfect cup for them. Keeping aside its speed and warm plate, there are no special features but would rather serve the needs of the customers in terms of taste and texture.


  • Bunn GRB velocity: Brews 15 cups Instantly-

‘’ proper height, speedier, and even cheap’’

When compared with other models like NHS, the only dissimilarity is of its design. GRB brewer is quite tall, measuring 40*25*38 centimeters. If one lacks a storage place, this brewer is not a good option. This model is fast and makes 15 cups in 3 minutes. Hot water is kept in the reservoir and its speed does not hamper the taste of coffee prepared. It also absorbs the special flavor of the coffee grounds. One should keep in mind regarding the finer coffee grounds as that might cause leakage. And also the fact that non-Bunn filters cannot serve the purpose of Bunn filters while making coffee. Additionally, the bottle is specially designed that does not leak and one can easily pour in their hot coffee.   Apart from various smart functions, the only flaw of the brewer is the old outlook that makes it quite unsatisfying.


The Pros:

  • Full-cup of coffee is made
  • One of the speediest machines that are available in the market
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic in nature


The Cons:

  • Requires a relatively large storage space
  • Not in tune with contemporary designs.


The Final Balance:

GRB is best for those who prefer an easy and less time-consuming coffee maker that makes the perfect cup. Though it’s not appealing to the eye, its functions are extraordinary in comparison to other brewers.


  • Bunn VPR: 16 cups in 3 minutes:

‘’ it’s now simple to change ones whole work lifestyle with Bunn VPR’’

If one is exhausted from a bad cup of office coffee and hates standing in a long queue, this coffee maker is worth the try. Due to its metallic interior, it holds heavy usage and therefore, is worth every penny. Though it’s costly, it serves of the best coffees that a person shall ever taste. The machine can make up to 16 cups of coffee in less than 3 minutes; pretty higher amount than the rest and is thus easy to serve the office colleagues continuously. Consisting of Two brewing chambers, the taste of the coffee is sure to lift one’s mood. However, the machine makes too much noise and the water heating capacity is fast; so the noise calms down by the time the coffee making process starts. The machine lacks a timer and other compulsory features and therefore, customers are advised to carefully buy it.


The Pros:

  • Instant coffee maker
  • Long-lasting
  • Metal steeled
  • Great and sustainable appearance.


The Cons:

  • Lack of timer
  • Noisy


The Final Balance:

If one can’t do without any coffee at a workplace, BUNN VPR is a must. Though it lacks certain features, it’s worth the penny a person spends on it.


  • Bunn Speed Brew: A Home Product-

‘’ The best in the market when looking for flavor’’

This new model is the latest addition to the market, that brews excellent coffee in terms of flavor. A cup of coffee from barista or CCD is the same when compared with Bunn speed Brew.  Comprised of a spray head, it lets warm water soak extra flavors from the seeds, thereby making it more delicious. The time required is 4 minutes to brew a perfect pot.  The machine consists of a reservoir that allows water to be stored for a longer period of time and has an auto function, to stop the system when required. It’s not an auto system but a button to pause the coffee making process. The model, in fact, comes with a warmer dish to keep the coffee warm. Appearance is quite impressive when compared to the others. It’s more like a female model, sleek and beautiful. Therefore, the outlook also makes it sure as to how the coffee comes out of the machine.  The glass bottle is also attached to this and is given more modern features to avoid leakage.


The Pros:

  • Faster coffee making procedure
  • Best coffee
  • Highly useful
  • Sleek in nature


The Cons:

  • Counter space required is large enough.


The Final Balance:

Avoiding all the drawbacks of this machine, its appearance and features make it the best coffee maker to be kept at home.


The Ultimate Reality:

Producing such high-quality coffee makers, Bunn has always been a customer favorite. From a wide range to choose from, Bunn has almost something to offer to each individual and that makes the company unique and classy.

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