Best Coffee Beans of 2018

Beginning your Monday without some delicious pancakes can be one of the worst ways to begin your week. Yes, the ones with syrup and fruits or maybe the ones with chocolate and bananas should not be missing from the very first meal. However, the real magic potion made out of magic beans that magically eradicates any murderous intent is none other than COFFEE. The sweet flavor of pancakes in the morning cannot boost one enough to not plan the execution of the retail department. Sleep deprivation and constant stress might lead to imaginary tragedies.

Many publications write about coffee as being a cure for different types of diseases or as being the main cause of a miscarriage. In such cases, coffee is akin to God from the Old Testament.  It can either be a life savior or a merciless punisher depending on how much you believe in its magical powers. (John Oliver joke)

Jokes aside, yes, coffee is one of the dearest drinks nowadays and having the best coffee beans simply turns it into a luxury acquisition. Coffee is also the main ingredient for numerous types of hot or cold drinks meant to provide energy and will to pass the day without malicious intentions.  It is of utmost importance to understand that a good coffee drink, no matter whether it is a cappuccino or an ice coffee, comes from good coffee beans. No, it comes from the best coffee beans! Today, the protocol implies to serve your guests a cup of coffee. So in order to reach the warm and good will of a human being, provide them with good coffee.

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