Best Coffee Beans of 2018

Beginning your Monday without some delicious pancakes can be one of the worst ways to begin your week. Yes, the ones with syrup and fruits or maybe the ones with chocolate and bananas should not be missing from the very first meal. However, the real magic potion made out of magic beans that magically eradicates any murderous intent is none other than COFFEE. The sweet flavor of pancakes in the morning cannot boost one enough to not plan the execution of the retail department. Sleep deprivation and constant stress might lead to imaginary tragedies.

Many publications write about coffee as being a cure for different types of diseases or as being the main cause of a miscarriage. In such cases, coffee is akin to God from the Old Testament.  It can either be a life savior or a merciless punisher depending on how much you believe in its magical powers. (John Oliver joke)

Jokes aside, yes, coffee is one of the dearest drinks nowadays and having the best coffee beans simply turns it into a luxury acquisition. Coffee is also the main ingredient for numerous types of hot or cold drinks meant to provide energy and will to pass the day without malicious intentions.  It is of utmost importance to understand that a good coffee drink, no matter whether it is a cappuccino or an ice coffee, comes from good coffee beans. No, it comes from the best coffee beans! Today, the protocol implies to serve your guests a cup of coffee. So in order to reach the warm and good will of a human being, provide them with good coffee.

Top 10 Best Beans on the Coffee market:

1. Kona Coffee Beans from Koa Coffee

Based in Hawaii, Koa is a quality name in the world of coffee. The Kona Coffee samplers are for those who need the expensive Kona coffee beans at a discounted price. One of the most popular samplers is the Dark Roast Tri-pack offering three 8-ounce packages of Kona. These three Kona varieties are the Grande Domaine, the Estate, and the Private Reserve, giving a strong flavor.

The Grande Domaine comes from plantations that were rooted over 100 years and offers the beverage with a smooth texture and least bitterness. With the Forbes’ Best in America reward, the Private Reserve features hand-picked, exclusively sown beans. The Estate is an aromatic blend of the three Kona grades of best quality.

  • A rare type of coffee only found in Kona district in Hawaii
  • One of Koa Coffee’s most popular roasts is the Dark Roast Tri-Pack: Grande Domaine Kona, Private Reserve Kona Coffee, Estate Kona
  • Strong and delightful flavor regardless of the type of the roast


2. Valhalla Java Ground Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Bean Company

Built from the volcanic Indonesian soils and the nutritious American soils, this roast is a rich source of optimal flavor and caffeine. Try it if you have difficulty in waking up after a sleepy night.

Tap in the Odin power through the Espresso or Auto-drip! These organic beans are precisely selected and proficiently roasted for giving an ultra-strong and smooth coffee. There is no artificial flavor or genetic engineering involved. The balanced taste is such that you will simply forget to bring coffee from stores. The overall taste is nutty and chocolaty with a smooth finish. The beans are suitable for vegans too.

  • Ultra-strong coffee with a balanced taste, organic, suitable for vegans, no genetic engineering, no artificial flavor
  • Artisan roast, perfect for Auto-Drip or Espresso
  • Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic Brew


3. Jamaica Blue Beans Mountain Coffee

This Jamaican product is admired for its famous fruit flavors, intense aroma, balanced taste, and moderate acidity. Well, it is the Rolls-Royce of coffees and is considered as the best by several consumers. For most, this coffee is like indulging in a sip of luxury.

From the prominent grand Blue Mountains comes the globe’s premium coffee. The nutritious soil and steady rainfall form the ideal conditions to give these beans, which are then mediumly roasted to perfection. However, due to the regulations of the local government, these beans are cultivated in limited quantities. The roasted coffee beans are immediately sealed to lock the freshness.

    • The “Rolls-Royce of coffees”
    • Exclusive coffee is grown in limited quantities due to the local government’s regulations
  • Remarkable fruit flavors, intense aroma, medium roasted


4. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

These artisan roast coffee beans give not only a strong flavor but also the smoothest texture and cleanest taste. Unlike many other dark roast options, this product does not have a burnt taste or extreme bitterness despite being bold and full. Instead, it is bright and has a gentle touch of cinnamon and a long finish. Go for this product if you have never tasted any dark coffee before.

The whole beans are packaged in a resealable bag to ensure optimal freshness. They are organically sourced from their cultivated areas such as Sumatra, Colombia, and Guatemala.

  • Artisan roasted coffee
  • In order to provide the optimal freshness, the beans are packaged as whole beans in a resealable coffee bag
  • Organically sourced, the coffee beans are grown in Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra


5. Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Beans Gourmet Coffee

Go for these beans if you are looking for a low acidity beverage to get rid of gastrointestinal problems. This product is a purely organic, Arabica, low acid one with cultivation done in the Republic of Honduras. Its flavor profile is quite rich with chocolaty taste and mild sweetness, as the bitterness is gently wrapped in clues of honey, chocolate, and caramel.

Honduran coffees are actually not the finest ones but this coffee product may be your finest choice if your preference is a certified organic product at a good rate. As the beans are directly brought to the U.S.A for roasting, the product’s cost is more affordable than the other certified organic options.

  • Low acid Arabica coffee
  • The coffee beans are grown in the Republic of Honduras, in Central America
  • Complex flavor profile: the bitterness is softly coated in hints of honey, caramel, and even chocolate


6. Beans from Mommee Coffee

Go for this Arabica coffee product if you simply need only a small dose of caffeine for some support or a boost to your morning. These beans strike a cool balance between caffeine and flavor. A specialty of this product is that it is ideal during all stages of motherhood, right from conceiving to breastfeeding. Thus, it can be an ideal choice for expecting mothers.

The beans are processed to offer half caffeine proportions for a guilt-free relish during pregnancy. Further, the low acid content and the procedure of slow roasting keep painful stomach irritation at bay. The brand offers four caffeine levels from which you choose.

  • Rare coffee brand from the US ideal for both pregnant and nursing women
  • Available with four different caffeine levels
  • The Arabica coffee beans are organic, with low acidity as the beans are water-processed


7. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee, Low Acid Dark Roasted beans

This is the product to choose if you love a healthy fusion of tea and coffee. It is the outcome of nicely blended Arabica beans from Ecuador, Colombia, and Guatemala. It is also a hybrid version, as it contains a fusion of Matcha Green Tea, Goji Berry powder, and Rooibos Red Tea, which together give an ultra-smooth and creamy flavor.

With a tested pH level of 5.85 and antioxidants five times more than regular coffee as well as four times more than blueberries and dark chocolate, this coffee soothes the stomach and boosts immunity.

  • 100% Arabica beans grown and harvested in South America, more precisely in Guatemala, Colombia and Ecuador
  • Coffee/tea hybrid with red and green tea. The tea is matcha green tea and rooibos red tea Goji berry powder can be found as an extra health benefit
  • Light coffee that can be consumed at any hour, with low acidity


8. Kicking Horse Coffee: Smart Ass Beans

Kicking Horse is a popular Canadian brand offering a myriad of roasts, right light to espresso. A medium roast and less strong flavor than the dark roast highlight its Smart Ass blend. It is composed of coffee beans from South America, Central America, and Africa.

This product features a light, honeyed berry body with a low acid level and flavor notes of milk chocolate, sugar cane, and red currant. Consider tasting this coffee if you do not prefer to have a strong flavor or a too light coffee. Overall, the tasting experience is bold and bright, while the aroma is that of vanilla bean and sweet syrup.

  • Independent coffee brand that promotes organic coffee
  • The Arabica beans are grown and harvested in Africa, and Central and South America
  • Sweet, rich and chocolaty coffee that pairs well with breakfast meals and dinner desserts


9. No Fun Jo Decaf Beans for Decaf coffee

Jo Coffee sources the finest coffee on the planet via esteemed import firms like Royal Coffee NY and Cafe Imports. This is a cool decaf coffee to try if you are looking for a purely organic taste. The Swiss water process has decaffeinated this product that features a medium dark roast identical to the best regular coffees.

Unlike a few decaf coffees, this one is similar to a few Central American coffees. In other words, it is bright and complex with blueberry and milk chocolate taste notes. You get pure Arabica coffee beans for a bold and smooth taste.

  • High quality, well-sourced green coffee, medium dark roast, whole bean Arabica coffee, USDA certified organic decaf coffee, Fair Trade certified, Swiss water process decaf, Gourmet Coffee from The Jo Coffee Collection
  • As particularities regarding the taste: sweet, blueberry, and milk chocolate notes
  • Sources the best coffee in the world through reputable import companies such as Cafe Imports and Royal Coffee NY

10. Fresh Roasted Coffee Sumatra Decaf Beans

Fresh Roasted Coffee is known for its environmental-friendly business practices. This is evident in its this decaf coffee. Its beans are roasted with the help of a smart technology that removes 80% carbon emissions.

The brand also sources Bird Friendly and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees, which maintains healthy ecosystems and economies in areas where coffee is cultivated.

Made using Sumatra beans, the product is mountain water processed, a natural way to prevent mold as compared to the Swiss water process. The taste earthy and creamy, and contains baker’s chocolate notes.

  • Eco-friendly, as the Fresh Roasted Coffee, Inc. uses Loring smart roaster technology that eliminates carbon emissions by 80%
  • Sources coffees that are Rainforest Alliance and Bird Friendly certified, which supports programs that encourage healthy ecologies and economies in coffee-producing regions
  • Multiple certifications including USDA Organic and Fair Trade
  • Taste characteristics: full-bodied, earthy, creamy, and notes of baker’s chocolate


Coffee Beans – Simple Guide To Choose The Best Beans

We get an instant refreshing sensation by sipping a cup of hot coffee. However, we think that most of the enthusiastic coffee drinkers in this world do not know the art of finding the best quality coffee beans. After brewing the coffee from those beans, they cannot find the desired taste or flavor from them. While your coffee maker is important to you, it is essential to pick the right beans.

We’ve presented you with the best guide for buying a pack of reliable coffee beans.

The freshness of the coffee beans: Are your green coffee beans fresh? The dried coffee seeds or beans remain stable while they are not roasted. There is not much porosity in the outer covering of the beans. Their moisture percentage may be below 10. You can store them safely for one year.

In some coffee packages, you may find the label- aged coffee beans. However, you have to know the real meaning of this label. In many countries, the coffee brands store and stir the beans for avoiding the bacterial growth. That is why you can get aged flavor from the beans. Few consumers love drinking this coffee.

Date of roasting: This is one of the valuable aspects of the roasted coffee beans buyers. Coffee is a perishable product, and its chemistry can get affected due to heat and moisture. Fresh coffee helps us in taking out the sugars and fragrant oil. You should try to consume the coffee beans within three weeks of the roasting date. After three weeks, the beans may become starchy, woody and stale, and they don’t have much vibrancy.

Robusta Coffe Beans or Arabica?

There’re more than 100 species of coffee, and these two are most familiar to us. 75 percent of the overall production comprises Arabica coffee, and this is cultivated in regions of higher altitude. Robusta beans are slightly harder and bigger in size.

Level of roasting the coffee beans: The dark coffee beans are highly roasted. They may lose the natural flavor, and thus, you will get a taste, obtained from the process of roasting. The lightly roasted coffee beans have a higher acidity level and are also dryer. Another interesting thing is that the caffeine content gets decreased in the case of the heavily roasted beans. There are also many packages, containing the moderately roasted beans. Most of these beans have sweet tones.

Find out the coffee growing regions: Just as the wine taste varies due to the difference in regions, the coffee flavors are also variable on the basis of where they are grown. In some regions, you can find distinctively flavored coffee. It occurs due to the variation in farming style and soil condition.

  • Colombian and Central American coffees are highly balanced and very light. They are also little acidic and fruity tinge.
  • Brazilian coffee beans are mainly Robusta species, and you may get the chocolaty tone in these beans.
  • Hawaiian coffee beans- You can get the sweet aroma and floral tinge.
  • Indonesian coffee- Their color is a little dark and you may find it bit smoky.
  • Kenya coffee- It is a coffee of very bold taste. Those, who love strong coffees, can prefer it.

Best Coffee Beans have Certifications

Check out whether you are buying a certified coffee package. It makes sure that you are consuming coffee beans, free of pesticides. The certified packages are safe for our health.

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