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Coffee is one of the most common drinks taken by people all around the world and coffee mugs are the most essential requirement when it comes to enjoying the drink. The taste of the coffee varies from person to person so is the design of their coffee mugs. There is a numerous number of coffee mugs present in the market and people often get confused as to where to begin the search for their ideal coffee mug.

Here is a list of options of few high quality and cool coffee mugs for all the coffee lovers around the world.

Best Coffee Mugs for Serious Coffee Enthusiasts

  1. Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug

Often it happens that people spill their coffee mugs while carrying them in a backpack or when keeping it on their desks creating a lot of mess, damage, and stains to the material in the bag or on the tables. This is where Contigo Autoseal comes to the rescue. This mug comes with a vacuum sealing technology that keeps it away from spilling or leaking. It is also equipped with a quick press button on the lid that allows drinking from one hand keeping the other hand free for work.

  1. Insulated Coffee Mug & Beer Mug by Bar Brat

This mug is ideal for people who like drinking both coffee and beer. The mug’s design offers double walled insulation technology that helps the mug keep cold drinks like beer cold and warm drinks like coffee warm. The stainless steel used in the manufacturing of the mug traps air between its multiple layers that help it to hold the temperature of the beverage stored in it. Along with this cool feature, the handle attached with the mug always stays at room temperature irrespective of the temperature of liquid stored in it. In addition, the mugs are equipped with detachable lids that allow the mugs to turn into travel thermoses as well. It is one of the best coffee accessories on the market.

  1. Reusable Coffee To-Go Mugs

These portable mugs “his and her” type coffee mugs imparts great fun in the mutual coffee addiction of a pair or group of people as they come with pink and blue grip handles. These To-Go mugs are easy to use, store and clean. Moreover, they are equipped with pop and lock mechanism that reduces the chances of spills. The material used in the making of the mugs makes it naturally resistant for stains and suitable for use in microwaves and dishwashers.

  1. Thermos Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

When it comes to manufacturing coffee equipment, the company Thermos is the best. Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug is another trusted and reliable product by Thermos. The mug comes with temperature locks and no spill technology. Its stainless steel body makes it easy to rinse and clean them and the button on top of the lid activates vacuum insulation. This mug is also ideal for tea lovers as it provides the convenience to dip leaves in the drinks through the built-in tea hooks attached to the interior lids. All these features make it the most versatile mug on the market.

  1. Copco Acadia Travel Mug

Acadia Travel Mugs are simple in their design; however, they have a lot more to offer to the coffee lovers. Their insulators keep beverages hot or cold as per the temperature of the liquid they are storing. The quarter turn lid proves effective in preventing drips and leaks. The grip sleeve, which comes in various color options like red, blue, green, brown, plum and azure, allows a firm hold. People who love simple mugs without any fancy buttons or attachments it is a perfect coffee accessory.

  1. Contigo SnapSeal Superior Travel Mug

This mug offers SnapSeal, a special kind of vacuum technology that allows users to hear the vacuum process with a snap when the user activates it. As long as one hears the snap sound, they do not need to worry about the proper working of the mug. The location of the mouthpiece of the mug makes it suitable for both left and right-handed people. The mug’s temperature retention features allow the hot beverage to maintain their temperature for up to six hours, while cold beverages remain chilled for up to 12 hours. The most user-friendly feature of the mug is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, hence if one is dissatisfied with the way the mug works they can return it to the manufacturer anytime.

  1. Corelle Livingware Black Stoneware Mug

The mug comes in a pack of four and is best suited for the home or office workers who are seeking common kitchenware to complete their shelves. A simple black mug that can be utilized for things like coffee, tea, chili, soup, hot chocolate, and even oatmeal. Its material makes it suitable for use in refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers. The mug does not acquire any fancy features it is just a simple plain functional mug fulfilling the needs to serve a beverage.

  1. Home Basics Jumbo Ceramic Mug

This mug is a common kitchenware product with dimensions of 5.5×5.5×3.5 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. The mug provides a high volume and hence can store up to 22 ounces of coffee beverage. The wide brim of the mug makes it ideal for sipping and the comfortable handle makes room for plenty of fingers providing a firm hold to the user. The ceramic mug with a white polished finish provides a great look for anyone’s tabletop or cabinet.

  1. Stylish Glass Irish Coffee Mug With Handle

These mugs are trendy and fashionable and offer a curved handle and a graceful narrow bottom platform. The best quality about these Irish Coffee Mugs is that they possess every quality as mentioned in their advertisement. They are made of thick glass that prevents the transfer of heat even when they are full of piping hot java. This prevents any damage to the hands, napkins or tablecloths. Although in order to keep them in their premium condition, one needs to be careful while cleaning them as they need rinsing with hands and cannot withstand dishwashers. These also come in a set of four and can hold up to 8.3 ounces each. Their stylish design makes them ideal for trendy homeowners.

  1. Coastline Glass Coffee Mug Set

These beautifully designed glasses are perfect for any party or social gathering. The borosilicate glass used in the mugs makes them look so clean and pure that they are practically transparent. Although there is a lot more than just beauty that these mugs have to offer. Their double wall insulation helps in regulation of the temperatures of the beverages hence, whether it is icy cocktails or hot lattes they all remain fresh in these glasses for long period. In addition, they are also sweat-proof and so they do not gather condensation that often makes glasses look tacky and make them slippery to hold. Hence, one does not need to worry about dropping them accidentally. One can party feeling secure and confident while holding these mugs. They are available in a set of two.

  1. Luminarc Irish Coffee Footed Mug

The high-quality design and elaborate decoration give great appeal to class, elegance, and taste. Although they are just 5.75 inches high what they lack in size, they make up with their style. They rest on a flat round bottomed platform and narrow down the stem, as it usually is the case with wine glasses. However, these glasses are not as delicate as they seem to like; instead, they are thick and durable. They can hold anything from hot coffee to cold beer. Their glass will not crack even under extreme pressure or temperature conditions.

  1. DeLonghi Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses

These glasses are ideal for espresso drinkers who wish to have fancy glasses as they find in cafeterias. These are tiny glasses with a measurement of only 2.5×2.5×2.5 inches with a weight of four ounces and provide a beverage capacity of only two ounces. The volume although is too small for a regular coffee drink but is perfect for espresso shots. These glasses come in pairs and have a double wall that ensures the espressos stay hot until one is ready to drink them.

  1. Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug

These Go Away mugs are made of glass and holds up to 13 ounces of any beverage. They are dishwasher safe and hence no heavy maintenance is required to maintain their quality. They also do not get cracks or break under high-temperature conditions. The mug mentions three humorous lines that are “Go away”, “Not yet”, “How can I help you? “. As one drinks the beverage, in the mug, the top messages disappear and only the bottom message remains. It is most suited for people who do not wish to indulge in morning chatter and wish to enjoy the drink.

  1. Spare Insulated Coffee Cups Set

The hand blown borosilicate glass gives these cups a beautiful clean look and provide good temperature and condensation control. These cups measure to 3.5×4.5×5.0 inches and weigh up to 6.1 ounces. These tiny models of cups are ideal for espresso shots and single serve coffee pods. They can hold both hot and cold beverages and their exterior walls never get slippery. These single serve glasses make coffee experience fancier.

  1. BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug

As the name suggests this mug is ideal for people with humor. Not only the name but also the design of the mug is also humorous. The mug’s design is literally similar to a toilet. Their handle is of the shape of flushing tank towards the top and the rest of the body is round and shiny like the toilet bowl. The high-quality ceramic makes the cup resistant to cracks and scratches. The cup can hold up to 12 ounces of any beverage. These BigMouth Toilet mugs are a perfect humorous gag gift.

This was the list of one of the best coffee mugs for coffee lovers. This list includes everything from stylish to sophisticated mugs to match your every type of need.

Best Coffee Mugs: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

There are ample of various styles of mugs present in the market. Different shapes, styles, material, and features often confuse the buyers to which product to buy. Before paying for a mug one needs to be sure that, they are buying the ideal mug. So before buying a high-quality coffee mug, one needs to consider a set of points.

  • Material

Based on the material there are various types of mugs available in the market. There are mugs of plastic, glass, ceramic and even stainless steel. One must select the right material depending on the specific needs. There are even mugs made from stylish hand blown glasses that suits the need of entertaining the guests at home and there are mugs made from a metal thermos that is suited for keeping coffee on the go.

  • Volume

Another factor, which one must consider before buying a mug, is the volume of beverage a cup can hold. There are mugs for drinking tiny espressos and there are mugs for drinking large lattes. If one wishes to enjoy a frothy coffee beverage then one needs to have a mug, which has enough room for foam. Drinking the beverage in the right sized mug adds to the style of the way of drinking.

  • Temperature Control

There are mugs available in the market that cannot retain the temperature of the beverage they store. These poorly constructed mugs might burn one’s hand as they quickly transfer heat. Hence, one needs to ensure that the mug has double wall insulation features that help in capturing the heat level of the beverage and helps it retain its temperature irrespective of the room temperature.

  • Price

As the number of features, a mug offers increases their price also increases with them. Although people often prefer to buy cheap products the cheap products might not fulfill their needs. These products might be less durable and get cracks in regular usage. Hence, along with the material one needs to check the price of the mugs. One would not want to buy a high priced mug for a low-quality mug. More advanced mugs provide more features. A top-notch coffee mug or a travel thermos requires spending more investment.


These are just a few points to remember while buying an ideal coffee mug. When one actually goes to buy a mug, it gets a lot more confusing and requires much more considerations beyond these above-mentioned aspects. Although, these points are enough to lead you to the perfect model of the coffee mug one requires.

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