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Everyone enjoys a good cup of brewed coffee. It can be to start your day off feeling energized, or a midday crisis refresher, or just a steamy cup before you go sleep, coffee is what most people prefer 24×7. However, the type of coffee you drink has a major effect on how your day will end. With all the different types available everywhere, a true coffee lover only expects the coffee to be freshly brewed. But the complication which follows if that even freshly brewed coffee has types – pre-ground, whole roasted, etc.


The effect is so tremendous that even after just 30 seconds of brewing some beans, the coffee starts losing its flavor due to the oils being dried out. Drinkers have used pre-ground coffee previously will very clearly know the difference. In fact, brewing it yourself isn’t a hard job, and once you get the hang of it, you actually start noticing the glims and differences. So, the question that now arises is how to choose the right espresso coffee beans? A lot of the factors concerning this question are rather simple as they come down to the individuals preference.


Buyers Guide – How to find the right coffee for you


Here are the factors that affect decisions –


  • Roast – Some people like their coffee to be a dark roast, some enjoy a medium roast.
  • Budget – The range you can spend on coffee beans speaks tons about the type of coffee you will be able to buy.
  • Machine – Different machines give out different grinds to the beans. Some give a coarse grind, some give out a fine grind. It all ends up relating to the compatibility of the beans and your machine.


If you’re new to the coffee game, the only way to actually test out coffee beans is by trial and error, as there really is no way you will know how different coffee tastes and how diverse the beans really are.


Best Espresso Beans (whole beans) – Top 5 brands reviewed


Unlisted is the reviews of the 5 best espresso coffee beans which gain the lead by a huge amount. Below is a table is given which is aimed at helping you get a basic overview of all the coffee bean brands we will be talking about.



ProductRoast Type Bean Type Rating
Koffee KultDarkArabica4.8/5
Death Wish CoffeeDarkFairtrade4.6/5
Lavazza Super CremaMediumBrazilian4.6/5
Kicking Horse Cliff HangerMediumFairtrade4.5/5
Coffee Bean DirectItalianAmerican & Indian4.4/5



Now that the table stating the type and ratings if out of the way, let’s get into their individual reviews.


  • Koffee Kult – This darkly roasted coffee bean brand is a very dynamic tasting, aroma filled drink which is bound to make you want more. Its rich taste and extreme smoothness can be attributed to its use of pure Arabica beans. The use of these beans offers absolutely no bitterness in the taste of the beverage. These beans are rather versatile and can be used with almost any method of preparing coffee to be it drip coffee, pour over coffee, French press, and espresso. Due to their ability to blend well and taste fantastic be it a cold brew or hot coffee, this coffee is a rather high seller. The coffee tastes rather sweet leaving a rather enriching flavor in your mouth which is intense and bold. This great taste comes at a very affordable rate which is what makes this coffee the best amongst them

The Pros


  • Flavor
  • The spout on the bag makes it rather easy to pour
  • Price


The Cons


  • The bag is quite hard to seal, even though it is re-sealable
  • Rocks can sometimes be found inside the packets which, if left unnoticed, can destroy your grinders blades


This is the best coffee reviewed until now at a very nice price while offering the best coffee taste and experience.


  • Death Wish Coffee – While the marketing of this being the strongest coffee in the world might be an over exaggeration, this coffee does give a punch as it contains comparatively higher amounts of caffeine (probably even 2 times as much). Its dark roast gives a somewhat bold and defining flavor and really wakes you up with a jolt in just the first sip, considering that’s what most people need in the morning. Some prefer to steer clear from it after the clock strikes 8 in the evening as it really is that strong. This is the most expensive brands from all the ones being talked about here, however, it compensates that by truly providing a unique and bold experience to its consumers. All beans are kosher, organic, and ethically sourced, giving this the USDA certification.


The Pros


  • High caffeine content
  • Sourced beans
  • Packaging


The Cons


  • Expensive
  • If over pressured, gives out a burnt out aftertaste


This is the ideal coffee for anyone with high caffeine needs and wants to stay charged without having to drink 4-5 cups of normal coffee.


  • Lavazza Super Crema – This can very well be denoted as the mix of all the tastes and aromas of the coffee beans from Central America, Brazil, and Indonesia as it provides a very distinct smell alongside a hint of sweetness while drinking. It is suitable for drip coffee and espresso machines as it can be fine grinded as well as course grinded. The coffee wasn’t specifically strong, but it left a rather decent taste in the mouth which felt fair. Nothing too bold, nothing too sweet.


The Pros


  • High crema
  • Works well if fine grinded or course grinded
  • Crema lasts long


The Cons


  • Price
  • Tastes weak


It tastes good, is strong and bold and leaves a rather unique taste in your mouth.


  • Kicking Horse Coffee – Similar to the Lavazza, this coffee is a blend of African, South American, and Indonesian beans which are chosen and then roasted in Canada. It is completely organic and plucked from sustainable crops only. The beans, for the same reason, are a bit towards the pricier side. They are fairtrade, and are said to be extremely good to taste as they are grown 3,000 feet above sea level. While this fact is open for debate, there’s not questioning that the coffee actually tastes premium. Despite being a medium roast, it offers a sweet and a slightly fruity taste.


The Pros


  • Good color
  • Taste
  • Vacuum sealed packaging
  • Sustainable


The Cons


  • Relatively sweeter
  • No “Roasted on” date on the packaging


This is for anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee at an affordable rate.


  • Coffee Bean Direct – It offers a dark, rich, full-bodied espresso in the first sip the consumer takes. Made by using American and Indian beans, the coffee doesn’t disappoint one bit and gives a smoky flavor with a slight aftertaste of cocoa. The coffee’s natural flavors shine the brightest in this one. It is extremely affordable and for the true coffee tastes it provides, it’s a must try.


The Pros


  • Flavor
  • Aroma
  • Price


The Cons


  • Beans are extensively oily


This coffee is a great buy for a person wanting true coffee taste while also paying less.



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