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A full rimmed cup of coffee is something that almost everyone is addicted to. Be it during traveling or stressed about an office work or exams- coffee calms our nerves like nothing else. This constant addiction to coffee has left us wanting of it no matter the place or time, no matter where we wake up, at our home or the mountains; coffee is the best friend we always want with us. Instant coffee is the omnipresent blessing in disguise, always sitting to be made ready in a jiffy and soothe us.

Our Top Picks In Best Instant Coffee

Here, we will shortlist some of our favorite instant coffees which are also the best in the market.


  1. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee- The Best Amongst All

Starbucks VIA is the ‘chosen one’ when it comes to backpacking and tending to one’s love for coffee.

People usually ignore quality when using instant coffee. Getting used to the lack of taste for the sake of quenching the thirst for coffee has ruined the sole purpose of instant coffee; i.e. taste and quality on the go.

Starbucks VIA, however, will provide a delightful cup of coffee on the go, probably the best instant coffee available. Mixed and dissolved in hot water, the aroma of the coffee beans and the taste palate will be a treat to enjoy. It’s manufactured without sugar and if you are a fan of black coffee, a stir in the cup will be enough. Being a very popular product, dupes have also flooded the market. Choose wisely before buying and look out for “Deals Plus” that are advertised by unauthorized websites.


  • Wonderful taste
  • Can be brewed very easily and quickly
  • Compact and portable packaging
  • Convenient to carry
  • Reasonably priced


  • The package seal can’t be broken easily by hand

Bottom Line

Compact and well packed, Starbuck VIA provides a good cuppa on the go. Everything related to taste, packaging, pricing is perfectly suitable for carrying and giving this a try will surely change your mind if you never liked the idea of ‘instant coffee’.


2. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee – A Milder Alternative

Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee is a good choice if you enjoy a mild and smooth coffee, instead of dark and heavy. It doesn’t have the usual acrid taste of instant coffees available in the market, which sets this brand apart.

The type of the coffee is advertised in the name itself. It’s sensibly priced and is 100% organic as certified by EcoCert; one of the most prominent organizations providing organic certification in the world.

This coffee is manufactured by freeze-drying without using any sort of chemicals or additive. This makes the brand unique as it neither makes the customers sallow down a cup of chemicals nor does it harm the environment.

This little pack of delight will be the perfect companion on a day out for trekking. Unpack the coffee, add water and stir well – zero hassle in enjoying a good cup.

However, this being an instant coffee, don’t up your expectations. Nothing can surpass the quality and taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. This being a reasonably sourced alternative, it will serve the purpose outdoors well.

The Pros

  • 100% real organic
  • Sensible pricing
  • Richness in flavor
  • Portable light packaging

The Cons

  • For a stronger taste, more than one packet is needed

Bottom Line

Mount Hagen will fit the bill as an inexpensive and organic replica of home brewed coffee. This will provide the much-needed energy boost with its richness and smoothness


  1. Maxwell House- Serving For Generations

Maxwell House is a USA born brand that has kept its customers coming back for generations due to its sheer consistency in quality. The packaging even makes a good first impression.

Each canister of this coffee is reseal-able with a maximum of 17 servings and can be added as many spoons as needed and stored back. It has a variety of flavors such as sugar-free, Decaf French Vanilla which will make people fall in love with this brand instantly. Its creamy foam like layer on top makes it taste unique and distinct from the others, making an illusion of a latte.

This is a suitable alternative to home brewed coffee and you can treat yourself to a cup of Maxwell House when you are backpacking or feeling lazy to brew an entire cup of coffee at home.


  • Serves a perfectly brewed delicious cup of coffee
  • Variety of flavors available to choose from
  • Easy to prepare
  • Has a unique taste
  • Storing it is quite convenient

The Cons

  • The storing canister is small

Bottom Line

This all-time favorite will make you love sugar-free coffee. Its taste will gracefully embrace you as it has served to generations for long.


4. Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee

This is probably one of the most inexpensive instant coffee brands of always. It takes 6 ounces of coffee powder to fix a cup in the long run beside having a lesser price tag.

It, however, doesn’t compromise in taste or richness and aroma. Added to a cup of hot water and stirred, the strong aroma will uplift the morning blues instantly!

The right amount of water is required to be added as different proportions of water will make the coffee have a variable taste. Choose the proportion suiting your tongue. Too much little water will give out a burnt taste and too much water will destroy the flavor whatsoever.

This being said, portability is a big hindrance as this coffee comes in a glass jar.

It can be transferred to a plastic portable jar and given its quality and quantity; the packaging can be treated as a minor inconvenience.

The Pros

  • Gives a great cup of coffee
  • Inexpensive
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Convenience in usage

The Cons

  • Comes in an importable glass jar

Bottom Line

Nescafe Clasico is the ideal choice for taste and richness at the expense of portability. This might even make you ditch the process of coffee brewing forever!


5. Douwe Egbert’s Pure Gold Instant Coffee

The coffee-loving Dutch people never go a day without their trademark Douwe Egbert’s Coffee. This brand has remained in the market for centuries and has captured the hearts of generations of coffee lovers.

While it’s nothing more than to be expected from such ancient brands, but instead of the artificial flavors added to it, it brews up a rich crème that one certainly might enjoy. This is a perfect choice if you don’t like bold, black coffee and its smooth and mild taste can surely jolt up the sleepy nerves in the morning.

However, the best results are obtained after adding quite an amount. Even though it sounds disheartening, the initial price and the total quantity add up to it well.

The Pros

  • Has a rich taste a crème
  • Packaged in an attractive jar
  • Convenient to use
  • Good quality coffee grounds

The Cons

  • Is packaged without instructions

Bottom Line

Experience a slice of Europe in your morning cup of Joe by brewing Douwe Egbert’s instant coffee. It can be guaranteed to be as good as brewed coffee elsewhere in the world.


6.  Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals

This brand is a wonderful choice to consider if you are looking for an inexpensive choice to taste occasionally. It has an inherent bitterness that will warm up a true coffee lover perfectly.

It gets brewed fastest as it dissolves almost instantly in hot or lukewarm water. Bonus qualities in case you are out backpacking and don’t have access to hot water.

The aroma of the coffee when brewed will absolutely tempt you to take a sip and once added the required amount to the water, stirring it a few times will do the job.

The real reason behind the Coffee Crystals to stay in the market is its price point. While its taste isn’t as good as our top pick, but its price point is nearly one-third of that of the Starbucks VIA.

The pros

  • Tastes warm and nice
  • Convenient to make
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to store

The cons

  • Too small manufacturing jar

Bottom Line

If you are searching some nice tasting smooth coffee in a lesser price point at the market, Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals will surely be a rational choice.



7. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee, Decaf Italian Roast

Starbucks VIA manufactures sought after and highly rated instant coffees of all time. Of all its flavors, Decaf Italian Roast is our favorite.

The rich and bold flavor doesn’t give the de-caffeinated feeling to the coffee at all. The packaging is very convenient and portable as it comes in small individual packets. The packets preserve the freshness of the coffee grounds and increase their shelf life. You can carry it around with you anywhere and enjoy a well-roasted cuppa anytime!

The price factor is quite reasonable too. One can use this as an alternative at home instead of heading out to a Starbucks.

The Pros

  • Consistent quality is maintained
  • Very convenient packaging
  • Making is easy
  • Reasonable price point

The Cons

  • Quantity is compromised n order to maintain quality

Bottom Line

It’s the closest alternative to real coffee available in the market. With a cheaper price and shorter preparation time, it can be enjoyed from any corner of the world at any time!

8.   Jacob’s Coffee Jacobs Kronung Instant

This cup of coffee wakes up the nerves; whether it’s cramming for exams at wee hours of the morning or a heap load of office work mounted at your desk. Adding it to hot water and giving it a stir makes it ready for the caffeine to kick in.

Jacobs Kronung is a brand of coffee that has moderate strength; it is neither too strong nor too weak. It will hence suit everyone’s taste for being ‘moderately made’.

It has moderate pricing too, a break from a high pricing of usual instant coffees. Since it can be prepared very fast, having this in your morning routine will be a good choice. It comes in a nice little jar which can be reused in future. This brand has a high shelf life besides its convenient storage options. But it’s a risk taking it outdoor.

The Pros

  • It’s a delicious and instant coffee brand
  • Can be stored easily in a glass jar
  • Can be made faster
  • Quality is quite good

The Cons

  • Packaging is an inconvenience.


Bottom Line

It’s a good value for the price point. It’s easy to make and is of good taste, which are the basic requirements in grabbing an instant coffee. It’s a German brand, so quality is always upheld with dedication.


  1. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Answering the hype around ‘mushroom coffee’, we stumbled upon Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee.

To begin with, this does taste like ‘coffee’, the taste of mushrooms has blended the flavor, and the bitterness of coffees is removed completely. Chances are, if you have never tasted mushroom coffee before, you might end up like this.

It’s a vegan coffee; no bugs, animals were used in processing it. It is instead made by combining grain-free liquid mycelium with coffee grounds at a specific percentage to ensure the best taste and aroma.

However, due to such flair manufacturing process, the price point is quite up high. But given its added bonus, the anti-inflammatory and medicinal qualities along with a beautiful blend of taste; makes it worth a shot.

The Pros

  • Added health benefits
  • Beautifully blended taste
  • Good quality
  • Vegan product

The Cons

  • Expensive price point

Bottom Line

This is a healthy brew of coffee with a challenging flavor; a unique quality in an instant brew of coffee. Convenient brewing and easy to carry, this coffee are worth a shot.


  1. Treeline Coffee Roasters Geo single-use pour-over

It’s a pour-over, pre-packed coffee that is very convenient to carry and use when not at home. Be it at the top of the mountains or in deserts, it can be brewed very fast and enjoyed well.

For best taste, using hot water only is recommended. Since it is a pour-over coffee, the coffee grounds are needed to be added continuously through a small filter.

However, this particular brand of coffee takes time to prepare, almost 2 minutes, which lessens the ‘instant’ factor in it. But for a coffee addict, the wait for brewing is hardly any inconvenience.

The Pros

  • A delicious, real, pour-over coffee
  • Very convenient packaging for travel
  • Has filters

The Cons

  • Takes time to brew well

Bottom Line

Geo is a real brand of coffee with high-quality coffee grounds that doesn’t have additives in them. This will be a great choice for having a packet of real coffee on the go.


  1. Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix

Koreans have paved their way into our hearts; be it K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Food. The same can be stated about their coffee too; the Maxim Mocha Mix have served the Koreans for a quite a number of years with their quick fix.

It has a distinct taste which is irreplaceable and comes in separate small packets which are easy for traveling and tastes as good as freshly brewed coffee. It has a strong caffeine kick too.

It can be prepared in an instant by putting it in a cup of hot water and stirring it well. It can also be made into a cup of ice coffee to enjoy during summer evenings.

It doesn’t have dark-roast coffee beans, so if you are looking for something strong, this isn’t worth the time. It’s light, smooth and easily bendable.

The Pros

  • Well balanced smooth taste
  • Very convenient
  • Comfortable to be used in travel
  • Works amazingly as an iced coffee

The Cons

  • Small coffee packets

Bottom Line

If one prefers a generous sugar factor in their coffee, along with crème; then this coffee is a perfect choice. It’s an almost perfectly prepared beverage with good levels of taste, convenience, and value.


A Buyer’s Guide Choosing The Best Instant Coffee

Being as popular as freshly brewed coffee, some instant coffee brands offer quality close to that of coffee houses.

The Roast And The Beans

If you have a particular favorite type of coffee from a particular place, keep that option in mind while shopping for instant coffee. Most famous coffee exporting countries are Italy, the Netherlands, Korea, and Columbia.

Keep your preferred type of roast into consideration; whether you like your coffee light, medium or dark. There are several varieties of instant coffees in the market at the moment and choosing an ideal brand for oneself isn’t a difficult task.

Caffeine Levels

Checking the caffeine levels is very important before placing a buy, especially for pregnant women. It is usually denoted as grams per serving. It’s recommended to minimize the intake if it 60 grams per servings, or rather avoid them at all.

Flavors And Additives

Additives fasten the process of brewing in instant coffees. Sometimes, the additives give the illusion of latte due to the top layer of crème obtained from the coffee.


Instant coffee comes with packaging for a special reason. For backpacking and traveling, individual light packages are always favorable. If it’s meant to be stored at home, brands which are available in jars are perfect for shelf storage.


Coffee becomes expensive when consumed regularly; cutting down on the number of times its being consumed in a day helps a lot. Cost per serving is a big deciding factor in choosing which coffee to go with. Brands sometimes offer discounts when bought in bulk.


Tips On Best Instant Coffee

  • Dissolving the powder in cold water first and then adding the hot water helps a lot
  • Decide the portions by your own taste palate
  • Coffee can be flavored with cocoa powder, vanilla or crème
  • Hot milk is a good replacement for water
  • Using a blender or a spoon with butter or oil is a good way to ground your coffee
  • Bakers use instant coffee as secret ingredients!
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