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Perfect Frother for a Perfect Coffee

Although I have always considered coffee as a ridiculously expensive beverage, it is one drink whose mouthwatering aroma outside a coffee house makes me reach my pockets. After which I would sit and enjoy every ounce of my coffee and think about how I wasted so much of my money by giving in to my temptations. This thought did bother me for a while after which I learned to brew my own coffee and enjoy the taste whenever and however I wanted it. What I realized in the process was the importance frothing has on the coffee I want to brew.

To frother perfectly, what you need to do is get yourself a great coffee frother which could cater to your needs. To help you out with the selection, we have reviewed some great choices which you should look at once before you go and buy a frother for yourself.

  • Breville BMF600XL:

Irrespective of the beverage you want, this coffee frother does it all. The machine can get you a chai latte, hot chocolate, cappuccino etc. in just a few minutes without much struggle. the machine allows you to froth hot or cold milk with the perfect consistency, strength, and foam. You can even adjust the temperature according to your preference.


The machine stands against plastic and is made out of plastic and is the perfect blend of durability and style. The flawlessly shiny body makes you keep it out of the cabinets and flaunt in front of your guests.


Breville BMF600Xl is very easy to clean and maintain which makes it perfect for homely use. Not only this, it has parts that can be easily disconnected which makes it dishwasher friendly. Even if you don’t possess a dishwasher, you can still clean it with your hands with just one or two rinses.


It has dimensions of 6 x 6 x 10.2 inches which is quite big so it is advisable to keep your counter free from any extra stuff and make sure to have the right stand for it to be kept. What you need to take care of is the amount of coffee you are trying to frother in the machine. If you want to prepare the quantity which is less than a cup, this machine might not be for you.


Breville BMF600XL can serve around 3 cups of coffee at a time and is considered the best among the hot chocolate lovers as it can prepare the beverage with a lot of chocolate chips in it. The product might be a little expensive but other factors such as durability ease to clean, user-friendliness, etc. would get you quite a deal.


  • Convenient
  • Versatile
  • Silent use
  • large capacity
  • easy to clean
  • durable and quality construction


  • takes large space
  • expensive


The frothing experience cannot get better. Breville would provide you frothing worth spending those bucks. Great investment.


  • Nespresso Aerocinno

This product is a favorite of many as it can help prepare a coffee before you leave for work not more than in a minute. This wonder creates froth so thick with just one-third of a cup that would need you a spoon to scoop this yum out. The capacity the appliance can hold is greater than the previous one. You would need around 250ml to prepare hot milk and around 130 ml to prepare froth.


As it is quite evident, it would just serve two people fully at a time and would require at least 2 rounds to serve a big party. Taking the high speed of the machine into account, this process would take you a maximum of 2 minutes for each round. You can go for both cold and hot froth with the appliance, although temperature control is not provided in it. Though it’s not that big of a deal, you must consider it if you prefer your coffee at perfect temperatures.


It won’t be a surprise for me if the price tag gives you a little jerk in your thoughts, but all these qualities in just one appliance would prove to be a great deal even it costs more than you expected.



  1. Efficient and fast
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Easy to store.
  4. Extra-ordinary design


  1. Small capacity.


A great example that proves that a jug style can also be easy to operate. Fragile but build with strength, comes as a great choice for milk frothing.



  • Kuissential Slickfroth 2.0

This milk frother is the cheapest machine you will find on our list. You will not find any fancy whistle or bell on it like the others from the league but work just as fine. The body of the machine is simple and basic. You will find a head attached to a long stem and a holder along. The entire body is made out of stainless steel except for the holder. This makes the appliance very easy to clean. One or two soapy rinses would do the deed.


To get the product to work, trigger using AA batteries and hold it over a canister full of milk. You don’t the canister from a special brand, but make sure the one you are using should have a height enough so that milk Init doesn’t spill around. When you start with the frothing using the appliance, you will get to know how powerful this little machine is. The foam the machine rise comes out smooth, thick and delicious. The froth looks absolutely yummy and seems perfect for any beverage such as hot chocolate, cappuccino, etc.


You might get disappointed with the durability this product owns slickfroth 2.0 is perfect for a daily use with its easy to use and clean body, stylish look, cheap price and around 2 years of lifespan.



  1. Not costly
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Spins fast


  1. Batteries do not come along.


If the price is the first thing on your mind, look no further. Get Kuissential slickfroth and get the best frothing experience in the budget.

  • HIC Milk Creamer Frother:

This appliance suits perfect to people who are on some budget and are not looking for a battery powered and handy frothers. Although it is not at all a professional milk frother, the coffee it prepares is so close to perfect, you might even consider ditching your favorite coffee shop for it.

The container is big enough to hold around 14 ounces of milk and the body is made of pure stainless steel. To make a perfect coffee or any other beverage, all you have to do is pour cold or hot milk, frother it up with the least effort from your side and voila! you have your favorite beverage without much hassle under a minute.


The all-stainless-steel design of the container makes it very much durable and breaks free. The no use of plastic makes the drinks being prepared in it very healthy.


The screw of the handle that holds it to the body may come off after a while but this situation is no biggie that a normal screwdriver won’t be able to fix.

Cleaning the appliance is also not a big deal as the heatproof handle comes out very easily and you won’t even have to worry about the motor. If you are no pro in milk frothing and coffee making, you may have to learn it as there is instruction manual provided with the appliance.



  1. Fast and quality frothing
  2. Transportable
  3. Easy to use and easy to clean
  4. Cheap
  5. Constructed using stainless steel
  6. Handy


  1. The instruction manual doesn’t come along.
  2. The handle can get loose over time.


The working principle may be old school but the output is faultless. Apart from the drawbacks mentioned above, there is no reason you should not consider the product. It is cheap and the best you could find in the range.

  • MatchaDNA handheld electric frother:

When it comes to the quality of the service the appliance can provide, this is the best frother we have come across yet. Neither does it cost a lot nor does it costs too less. It falls in the perfect price category which a normal coffee snob would be able to afford.


It uses electricity for power and can hold around 1 cup of coffee which would suffice for two serves. This is not a big deal given the low price and user-friendliness the product offers. The design is a bit classy with all the metallic body and the handle that works best for the grip. Once you have poured the milk inside, you can heat it up and get going frothing with just one click on the button.


The machine works great with not just hot but cold beverages as well. The thick and creamy froth it creates will smoothen up your morning with just one sip of coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, anything you want to create.

There are no drawbacks as such with the product so fine. Although you may want to place it close to a socket or keep an extension cord ready to cope up with the wire provided along.



  1. Quality froth within a short period.
  2. Easy to clean and use.
  3. Compact design.
  4. Affordable


  1. Capacity is low.
  2. Short cable.


A great product provided in this price range. Provides services exactly the way are advertised. Can be used to prepare a long list of fresh beverages and the machine is convenient for your home.


  • Aerolatte handheld milk frother:

There are many pros to this appliance but the best one is about the core function it provides, that is milk frothing. This is done by all frothers but this machine can do it with all kinds of milk, such as almond, soy or coconut milk. There is no temperature control as such but works fine with the milk of any temperature, be it hot or cold. What this frother needs is a click on the button and you will witness the wheel spinning so fast which you would never have witnessed. This machine creates the yummiest toppings in just about 20 seconds or so.


The body is made out of pre-stainless steel along with a hard plastic base which will keep your worries related to durability to rest. It works great for the price it is available and the size it is available in. you would need batteries to operate it. Though the usage of the battery gives you portability, the cost of the machine gets covered up with the cost of batteries you use in it if you use it at least twice every day.



  1. Works fine with different types of milk
  2. Durable
  3. Mobile
  4. Comes with a long warranty


  1. Consumes a lot of battery


Is a quality product, had a fine design and works even better. Good investment for your money.


  • Powerex Milk Frother:

Although you wouldn’t want to judge a book by its cover, you wouldn’t disagree with the fact that first impressions do matter. This appliance comes with a shiny metallic body that would lighten up a kitchen just with its mere presence. The machine has a stainless body and is delivered to you with the unit itself.

The built is highly impressive and irresistible. Needs AA batteries to work. The motors spin to froth cold or hot milk in just about 15 seconds.

The froth formed is absolutely delicious and of high quality, doesn’t deform easily and works great for yummy toppings on a number of beverages such as soy milk, almond, etc.


As it uses batteries, it is portable and can be taken on a road trip. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your delicious morning beverage just because you are out.


When it comes to drawbacks, the machine is advertised to perform well with eggs and other products but in actual use, the results point the other way. Therefore, it is advisable to not go for the product if you are expecting it to be multi-functional.



  1. Provides quality froth
  2. Spins smooth
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Fine design
  5. Comes with a stand
  6. Mobile


  1. Would have to hold the power button down.
  2. The wand is short.


It is easy to store and is a convenient store. Will make your coffee brewing experience great.

  • Norpro Glass Froth Master:

This product is a beauty in itself. Used to all of the attention, it’s not just a delight to look at; it also works great due to the different functions it has. Since it uses to batteries to work, it ensures better durability as it uses no motor that would burn out. However, the glass beaker used in it might come as a drawback to many. The company ensures the strength and durability of the glass used but care has to be kept while using.


On the positive side, the use of glass promotes transparency which enhances the experience even more. You can also use the beaker directly to microwave to heat milk or any other beverage instead of changing the utensil otherwise.

The machine uses plunging mechanism for frothing. To go about it, you have to pour around 16 ounces of milk and start off with the plunging. Do not use much force, but make sure you plunge it enough to move the milk.


If you have never used a manual frother before, you may take a while to learn the use. But patience is the key. Give it some time and later it would be nothing but a cakewalk to you.



  1. Elegant looks
  2. Comes with a microwave safe glass beaker
  3. Cheap
  4. Easy to use and clean


  1. Capacity is low


The quality of froth that it provides would beat your favorite coffee house. The looks would match your kitchen and would prove to be a good investment.

  • Ikea Milk Frother:

Cheap and handheld, this appliance is powered by AA batteries. The handle is made of plastic which makes it durable. The overall body except for the handle makes it even stronger in the long run. Not different from the other handheld frothers, this appliance is also very easy to use. What you have to do is fill the container with milk and dip the whisk inside. Read the instructions provided on how to hold the handle while the machine spins at a required speed. A yummy and rich topping for your favorite beverages will be prepared in just 15 minutes.


The best point about Ikea is the quality of froth that comes out. It is thick, creamy and absolutely delicious. It doesn’t dissipate away easily which lets you sit back and enjoy your beverage. On the more, the machines work great with cold and hot both beverages. The machine is durable but may not stay around forever. You would have to be quite careful with the handling. You should also know that it works great with a small amount of milk only. Therefore, even if you have a lot of cups to fill, do it small bits to get the best result.


  1. Provides quality froth
  2. Works well with cold and hot milk
  3. Easy to clean


  1. Batteries do not come along


The price that they ask for is according to the services it provides. It has cute looks and works fine. Is a great frother at an affordable price.


Buyers guide on the Best Milk Frother:

When you go out on the market to choose your product, it is advisable to gather all the available information prior to what do you exactly need.

Mentioned below is a simple guide that will make things easier for you:

  • There are mainly two types of frothers that you will find in the market, namely, handheld and Jug style. It seems obvious that the handheld appliance would be used manually and would be required to keep in hand while using along with the spinning whisk. It is inexpensive and very easy to use.

The Jug style is the counterpart of the former and comes with a jug or container and the whisk inside. Many of them prefer using induction cooling or heating to make things easier for the user.

When it comes to pricing, the handheld is cheap and light in weight.

  • There are many types of milk available in the market such as soy, almond etc. which are preferred by many. They give out a unique taste and are very popular. The frothers available in the market work best for cow’s milk, but some may froth fats easily. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the appliance which will suit your choice of milk the most.
  • Next up is temperature. You would surely prefer a warm milk or froth on a cold winter day but you would still need a cold glass of milk in summer days. There as many froth machines which come with an in-built temperature controller that help you regulate temperature easily. The jar froth machines come with this features, unlike the handheld ones. But you can still froth hot or cold milk separately by changing theirs
  • Quality does matter in a product you are paying for. But make sure the expectations you have are realistic. If you want to go for an average strong frother, go for a stainless steel one. You can even go for glass but it may make the product fragile. Though it adds life to the counter and a strong glass would enhance the durability as well.
  • If you are going to buy a frother after a long time, the high prices of the machine might surprise you. To avoid paying extra bucks for the frother, clear the requirements you have in your head. Do you want a milk frother which can be cold or hot, do you want it to be multi-functional, etc.?
  • Frothers do not come with s proper warranty all the time and the expensive product may become a total waste after a while.

Common mistakes that should be avoided while frothing:

  • Avoid over frothing:

People may get overwhelmed watching the foam building up for the initial days. This leads to over frothing which kills the air bubbles created and make you do the process all over again. Therefore learn to stop while frothing to enjoy the perfect beverage.

  • Do not overfill:

It’s better to give it another run rather than wasting the entire drink and damaging the appliance as well. Adhere to the minimum and maximum marking on the jar so that the drink comes out just perfect.

The quantity might get a bit tricky in case of handheld frothers, so keep the quantity to around 5 ounces for each use. Try giving short breaks in between and froth in low quantities.

Final words:

Frothing is the best part of brewing a coffee. Therefore it is advisable to not spoil it by choosing the wrong frother. Keep your thoughts about how and what kind of frother you require and get one for yourself that is the closest to your need.

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