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Breville Bes870XL Review 2018 - Big Water Coffee

Breville Bes870XL Review 2018

Breville is a brand of high-quality kitchen appliances and tools. They are well-known for making excellent mixers, blenders and of course espresso machines. They are a manufacturer that can give you a great kind of coffee machine, and in this Breville bes870xl Review (barista express espresso machine model); you can learn everything that you need to know about their premier coffee machine

We thoroughly tested the bes97oxl espresso machine. And we wanted to share with you what we know about this espresso machine and what makes it an awesome purchase.

Features of Breville Barista Express bes860xl

The Breville Espresso machines have got a depth of around 12.5 inches, and it is a tall espresso machine reaching around 13.5 inches. It is about the size of a usual coffee maker but much wider. This will mean that it can brew big batches of espresso, just like any machine that you can find at a coffee shop. We found that it could brew a lot of coffee, making it a much more economical purchase when compared to other more expensive espresso machines. And since it is a larger size, we also found it to be more durable.

We found the pressure gauge feature made it really easy to brew espresso using the Breville Express. The gauge is placed directly on the front piece of the control panel, and its circular display showed just how much hot water was being pushed through the internal pump. We found it really easy to gauge just how much water we needed to add to our ground coffee. If there is too little hot water flowing through, then it would not have the same rich taste. And too much high-pressure hot water will make the resulting coffee taste way too bitter. This can be a big problem with other cheaper espresso machines. So we liked that the Breville Express had an internal pressure gauge so we could make espresso just right.

The control panel for the Breville Express is also easily laid out. The dials for power and filter size are found to the left and right. So you can choose to brew just how many espresso shots that you want using these dials.

Breville bes870xl lowest price is around $599. We find this to be a reasonable price for such a feature-loaded espresso machine. Other cheaper espresso machines will not offer the same amount of rich features. And more expensive espresso machines would also not brew the same amount of espresso.

Breville Espresso bes870xl’s design

The Breville Express comes in three different colors. These colors are stainless steel standard one, cranberry red, and plain sesame black. All of the different design colors of the Breville Express will look good in any modern kitchen. Though, we are partial to the look of the stainless steel one. We think it would really look great on almost any kind of kitchen countertop, especially a stainless steel counter.

We did notice that the Breville Express is noticeably wider than other comparable espresso machines. It is about the same height at 16 inches, but you will need to clear a lot of space around your kitchen’s countertop if you want to fit in the Breville Express. We also needed a bit of room around the machine itself, so that we could swivel the handle and brewing head around with any obstructions in the way.

Breville Brewing espresso shortly reviewed

The Breville Express comes with a user manual that should help you out whenever you need to actually start brewing some coffee. Reading that manual can really make your life easier as it can teach you all you need to know on how to utilize the Breville Express fully. The Breville Express is a standard espresso machine anyway, so we did not find anything too complicated about it. If you are unfamiliar with espresso machines, in general, then you may want to check out that included espresso machine manual.

We found that adding ground coffee drops into the machine was a cinch. The Breville Express has got a portafilter, which is made out of steel. You can add the ground coffee into that portafilter really easily, as you just need to press the contents of the portafilter down. After pressing down, or using the metal tamper, you just need to twist this handle into the right position under the brewing head of the machine.

The swivel handle also has got a steam wand that is mounted on it. This comes with a nozzle for hot water, which can be found on the right side of the brewing head. So the brewing head is directly beside the hot water nozzle, which you can just switch on using the big knob found to the right of the Breville Express. And besides that knob, are over a dozen different settings that can allow you to choose how finely ground your coffee beans are.

We have got to admit that the number of buttons, knobs, and settings on the espresso machine got us intimidated at first. But as we got used to actually using the Breville Express, we got better and better at using it. This was in part due to the instructions that we got from the manual. It only took as several practice shots before we got the hang of the basic brewing process.

The first that we did was to fill up the hopper with beans and the tank with some water. We then slotted a double-filter into the portafilter’s basket, so that we could make a double shot of espresso.

We then selected the double-shot size setting and then adjusted the dial for the appropriate amount of hot water. It just took a single push of the button, located towards the back of the cradle, so that it would fill up the filter basket.

The semi-automatic espresso machine could grind up the coffee for you, depending on whether you have set it to a coarse or fine setting. You can also manually grind the coffee yourself, as you will just need to push the portafilter back and then release the handle until it is in the backward position so that the grinder will stop.

We then just needed to tamp down the grounds; the included tamper fulfilled this perfectly. And then swivel the filter back into place just below the brewing head. Then press the button for the double shot of espresso. You should then see a stream of liquid flow right into your cup.

We were pulling espresso shots like a pro barista after a few short turns with the Breville Express. Granted, there are a ton of factors that could affect the pull quality of our espresso, but we can say that we did a pretty good job with the way that our double shot of espresso came out. This was in part due to the ease of use and the overall quality of the Breville Express. Users of this espresso machine just need to make sure that it is correctly primed before they start to fire it up to make a batch of espresso shots.

Taste of the espresso when made with Breville Espresso bes870xl

At first, the espresso shots that we made with the Breville did not taste right. We found it either too weak or bitter, lacking in the rich taste that we like in our espresso. But after getting used to operating and pulling shots with the Breville, were able to get decent and even delicious tasting espresso. It took around 5 or 7 pulls before we got the technique down.

To achieve the best taste with the Breville Espresso machine, you will need to make sure that the coarseness level is just set up about right, For example, when we bumped down the coarseness to a 3 on the Breville Express, we got a much richer tasting shot of espresso.

We really got a full taste of the richness of the coffee beans that we were using. The main taste was full of flavors such as smoke and chocolate, and since we used a Colombian bean, we even got a hint of sweet caramel to balance out the bitterness. The color was a pretty shade of gold and brown, which just had the right thickness to it as well

This sort of brew is only possible with the exact settings that you can use on the Breville Express. Changing the setting slightly can allow you to set the percentage of dissolved solids within the machine. So we were getting a much richer taste each time that we refined the setting of the grinder.

The rich taste of the espresso coffee that you can brew with the Breville Express is going to linger on your palate for a long time. It would taste exactly the same as your standard drip coffee fare, and you could even brew several shots with the big capacity of the Breville machine. We would have to say, that the exact settings that you can get with the Breville, make it really easy to brew a great tasting batch of coffee.

The high-price of the Breville Express Barista may seem daunting at first. But we quickly learned that this price was more than worth it. There were a lot of things that we loved about this nifty espresso machine, and here are some of those highlights.

  • The high-quality grinder that the Breville came was one of its features that we really appreciated. It was easy to clean, worked very well in grinding the coffee beans and also heated up the beans to the right temperature as well.
  • We found the frother to work really well too! It produced a nice and thick crema that looked amazing with the cups of espressos that we made. We certainly found the frother of the Breville machine to be superior to that of other cheaper espresso machines.
  • We liked that the machine had a maintenance light indicator. It will the owners of the Breville machine to know exactly when to clean it up if the grinder or portafilter ever get too dirty. This can help owners prolong the lifespan of this espresso machine, as regular maintenance is always a good thing.
  • The colors of the Breville Espresso Machine are really pretty. There are some plastic parts, such as the top of the espresso machine, but overall the stainless steel look of the machine really works well with its design.
  • Another great highlight of the Breville machine is the very useful pressure gauge. It really helped us whenever you wanted to make a great shot of espresso. As we could gauge exactly how much pressure or hot water we needed to add in order to get a great tasting shot out of the machine.
  • Pulling a rich tasting shot of espresso was tricky at first, but we got used to it. This is because the device controls, dials, and overall use is rather streamlined. So it would only take you a few tries to get a hang of the Breville Espresso Machine. What is better is that newbie espresso pullers can learn a lot from the included manual.
  • We loved that we did not have to buy another tamper for this Espresso machine. Often, in cheaper machines, the included tamper is pretty low-quality. But Breville did not disappoint with the included items that came with the bes870xl.
  • We also found the include filter and cleaning tools worked great too. This made maintaining our Breville Barista machine even more of a breeze.
  • We did not even have to purchase a separate grinder since the Breville Barista is truly an all-in-one espresso machine. The included grinder was really amazing too.
  • Cleaning is made even easier with the automated cycle for cleaning. This can clean out the brewing head of the machine, and its other parts such as the nozzle, automatically. It really saves a lot of trouble for owners of the Breville espresso machine.

There are tons of included features that add value to the Breville Espresso Machine, but the thing that we love the most about it is that it just flat out makes great tasting coffee. We could have our daily shot of espresso, which tasted amazing by the way, every morning.

Breville Bes870XL Review – Summary

We already like what Breville has done in the past with their other line of coffee machines. But with this new espresso machine, they have taken it to a whole new level of quality!

Breville has really outdone themselves with the new bes870xl. It is convenient to use the espresso machine that will not disappoint whoever buys it. And it also makes several improvements to its predecessor as well. The previous Breville Espresso Machine 860 was an already great kitchen appliance, but the bes870xl added a lot of much-needed improvements.

For example, some of the improvements of the Breville 870 series include the addition of a hot water dispenser, a complete redesign of the hopper and also a finer control over the breville barista express default temperature and pressure settings. All of these improvements have refined the Breville Express Barista even further. Ad we can confidently say that this is one of the best espresso machines that you can currently buy right now.

One of the main reasons why we would say that the Breville Barista Express is one of the best is that it is going to give you a rich and complex tasting shot of coffee. With the fine control that you have over ground coffee coarseness, water-pressure and heat, you could really brew a batch of rich-tasting and aromatic coffee whenever you want.

We really felt like an actual barista pulling shots of espresso from the Breville Express. And we can also say that thanks to how easy this machine is to use, you can also achieve the same level of great tasting coffee quality.

The main selling point of the Breville Express is that it is an easy to master espresso machine. And in our testing and use of it, we found that claim to certainly true.

The steps to brewing a nice shot or even double-shot of espresso were rather straightforward. And everything is spelled out for the user in the instruction manual as well. So you will have no trouble at all getting a few practices pulls before you are brewing some great batches of coffee.

We also really enjoyed just how easy the Breville Express is to maintain. One of the features that we like to point out is that it has got a maintenance indicator light. Whenever the brewing head or the filter gets too dirty, it would light up, letting you know whenever you need to clean it out.

The added value of the Breville Express also makes it a great purchase. First of all, it comes with a high-quality grinder, cleaning tools, and added features that you cannot even find in other more expensive espresso machines. And second of all, with the robustness and great quality of the Breville Express, we could easily see it lasting for years. So you can still be brewing some killer espresso using this machine several years down the road.

So would we recommend the Breville Express Barista Espresso Machine? Well, we certainly would to anyone that wants a great value espresso machine. Though we urge you to read more Breville bes870xl barista express espresso machine reviews if you want to learn more about this coffee machine.

In conclusion for this pretty long Breville bes870xl Review, this may be a pricey espresso machine, but it will more than deliver on giving you one of the best tasting homemade shots of espressos that you can enjoy.

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