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Gaggia Brera Review 2018 - Big Water Coffee

Gaggia Brera Review 2018

Gaggia is a company based in Italy that produces coffee machines and particularly cappuccino and espresso machines. In this Gaggia Brera review, we are going to check out the pros and cons of the Gaggia superautomatic espresso machine, but also speak a little about the Gaggia company in general and not limit this review only to this model. The company is owned by a division of the Dutch company Philips known as Saeco International Group.

The company was founded seven decades ago in 1947 by Achille Gaggia whose patent was for the world’s first modern steamless-style coffee machine. His coffee bar was to use the machine commercially. Nevertheless, the company soon released the first machine for home use named the Gilda.

Today the company still produces high-end espresso machines and accessories. Gaggia’s product lines include the Gaggia Brera manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic machines. Saeco International Group purchased the company in 1999 while SIG itself was purchased by the Dutch company Philips a decade later in 2009.

TOP features of the Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Brera includes many features that can benefit your home or business including the following ones:

  1. Gaggia Brera best price review

This espresso machine is in the $400 to $500 range. It might seem high at first but I argue that it’s a reasonable price. Here’s why. You can find espresso machines in an under-$100 range. However, the old saying that “You get what you pay for” usually applies and that includes small kitchen appliances.

If you pick a unit from Gaggia you’ll be getting a unit from a company that has 70 years of experience in the business. The Brera is a high-end unit that provides excellent quality and functionality. It includes several features that can provide super results whether you’re making a latte, espresso, or cappuccino. So if you’re a fan of coffee bean beverages it’s worth investing in a quality unit so your purchase will provide a better overall experience. That’s why I think the price is worth what you get with the Gaggia Brera.

  1. Color ( Gaggia Brera espresso machine in black or in silver )

The espresso machine is black. This is a key feature to include because it means it can be matched up with any color scheme in the kitchen of your home, restaurant, bar, or café. Why do I think this is a major issue? It’s worth noting that instead of creating a color scheme based on your appliances you can pick this espresso machine that matches up with any color scheme.

  1. Gaggia Brera warning lights reviewed

Here’s another key feature of the Gaggia Brera that we reviewed. I’ve noticed that over the years both of these features of espresso machines have become more complex. It’s a good thing. The reason is it provides the machine’s user with more options and control when operating the unit. Why is this important?

The basic process of making an espresso or cappuccino hasn’t changed over the years. However, the technology has improved tremendously. This has resulted in espresso machines becoming more complex and powerful. That has resulted in benefits like many aspects of espresso/cappuccino making becoming more automated. That’s improved the overall process of preparing the drinks in your home or business using a machine rather than manually.

Gaggia’s user-friendly LED display includes lit icons while the machine also includes push-button controls. These are great features to provide more ease-of-use and a more intuitive experience when preparing various coffee drinks. The features help to improve the operation of the machine since the buttons make it easier to set the controls of the espresso machine. Meanwhile, the LED display and icons also provide a better experience when making a frothy cappuccino or a basic Americano. They’re certainly some of the best features from the ones included in the review of the unit and make it worth considering if you’re in the market for an espresso machine.

  1. Easy Cleaning/Maintenance

There are various key components of the unit can be accessed via the front of the espresso machine. This includes the drip tray, dregs drawer, and a water tank. This helps to make cleaning and maintenance a piece of cake.

This is important for various reasons. If you’re like me then you don’t have tons of time to clean your espresso machine. It’s a key step for issues like functionality and health so it’s something you simply have to do if you own an espresso machine.  However, the process of cleaning the items like the drip tray should be as convenient as possible. This allows you to keep the unit up and running while not spending a lot of time achieving that goal.

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty Review (Good deal on the warranty for Gaggia Brera parts)

You might be wondering whether or not you need a warranty when purchasing an espresso machine. Is it necessary? Gaggia products have become well-known for their quality, durability, and functionality. There’s a much lower chance you’ll have to deal with problems if you pick the Brera than units from other options. The company has almost ¾ of a century of experience making coffee machines so if you select one of its products you’re already going to avoid a lot of possible issues you’d have to deal with if you selected an off-brand instead. This includes the chances you’ll need to fix the machine or replace parts while owning it.

However, I’ve found that one of the main rules of life to keep in mind is that “stuff” happens. So there’s always a chance that even if you maintain the Gaggia Brera well by cleaning it regularly, for example, there’s still a chance that you’d have to deal with various issues. You could call it insurance. The one-year warranty from Gaggia helps to protect your investment.

Does this mean you’ll definitely need to use the warranty? There’s no guarantee of that and in fact, there’s a good chance that nothing will go wrong during the first year you own the Brera. That said, it’s better to have peace of mind that the unit is covered during that time. As always it’s important to make sure that you read the company’s terms & conditions. This will help to provide all the info you need about the warranty’s mechanics. The time to know about them is before you buy the espresso machine instead of afterward.

  1. Rapid Steam Tech Review

Here’s another key feature of the Gaggia Brera that’s quite impressive and we could not have left it out in our review. This helps to provide powerful brewing/steaming and speeds up the heat-uptimes. Both of these features are critical when preparing coffee drinks. Heating up the water is important for preparing the espresso/cappuccino itself and the steaming process provides the icing on the cake with steamed milk.

Steam is one of the most critical components when you’re making drinks like cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes. However, you’d probably agree with me that you don’t want to wait forever for the milk to heat up. Are you short on free time? If so then you’ll definitely want the coffee drinks to be prepared in the fastest time possible. That’s why even issues like steaming are such a key issue. It will help to make the process of preparing a coffee drink as fast as possible, which is definitely critical when you want a quick cup of Joe.

  1. Frothing Wand Review

This Gaggia Super Automatic espresso machine includes a Pannarello wand so you can froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. The wand uses a technique that creates a smooth microfoam and is, in fact, one of the toughest skills to master in the world of frothy coffee drinks. The goal of the process is to “stretch” the milk by infusing the perfect amount of steam and air and at the right speed. The technique can also be used to create latte art.

One thing I like about the Pannarello wand of the Gaggia is it can also be used to dispense hot water for americano coffees and herbal tea. This feature is a plus since it adds to the functionality of the unit. You have the option to use the Brera to make a cappuccino or espresso, or more basic Americano or tea.

Superautomatic coffee machine setup

The setup process for the Gaggia Brera is quite easy. That’s also true for other Gaggia Titanium super-automatic espresso machine from the company. It all starts with reading the instruction manual carefully and it’s even advisable to read it two or three times before operating the unit. This will put you on the right page when operating the unit. This is especially true if you’ve never owned an espresso machine before. In that case, it’s doubly critical to make sure you know the basics of the unit’s operation in order to get the best results.

I’d also recommend that you do some experimenting with the settings of the Brera in order to see what kinds of results you get. Should you do this if you’re already a coffee aficionado? It’s still a good idea because there are differences between different manufacturers and models of espresso machines. There are different features, controls, and settings so it’s important to learn the basics of the Gaggia Brera so you can get the best results.

Operating this amazing espresso machine

The first step when operating the espresso machine is to start with quality coffee beans and quality water. If you don’t do that first it doesn’t really matter if you’re using a high-quality machine. Whether you’re making a cappuccino, espresso, or Americano it won’t matter much if the beans are stale and the water is unfiltered, for example. I always splurge a little when I prepare coffee to make sure I get the best results. Spending a little more on quality coffee beans is worth it if you want to prepare a quality cup of Java.

It’s highly recommended that you get fresh coffee beans from a local supplier at least once or twice per week. If you want super-fresh coffee and the supplier is nearby you should even consider buying coffee beans on a weekly basis. If you want your espressos to be as fresh as possible then you should even consider investing in a coffee grinder. They’re not cheap but it can help to provide the freshest coffee beverages possible.

Should you consider imported coffee beans? It’s a tricky question that involves several factors. Some of the best coffee beans originated from regions in the world like South/Central America and South-East Africa. The problem is the shipping/processing of the coffee beans can take a lot of time. As a result, this can affect the freshness of the coffee and have a negative effect on your coffee-drinking experience. So as a general rule you should go with local roasters.

Adjustments for the superautomatic coffe maker

One of the main features of the Brera that we noticed while writing this review is you can tweak the settings to help prepare the best coffee drink possible. However, while you can make these adjustments there isn’t a ton of options that make the process too confusing or time-consuming.

If this is your first espresso machine it’s a plus since the learning curve will be steeper and you won’t get stressed out trying to figure out to operate the Gaggia Brera. The starter machine provides tons of quality and features to get you started. You can then graduate to more complex machines later after you’ve mastered the Brera.


What should you be aware of before buying the Gaggia Superautomatic espresso machine?

  1. Gaggia Brera dimensions of the water tank

The water volume setting is a key issue to consider based on the size of the drink you want to make. That could include a small cappuccino or a large Americano. The size of the drink you’re making is the most obvious factor related to the water volume.

Another one is how strong you want the drink to be. You can add less water for a stronger drink or more water for a milder beverage. It’s important to keep in mind that the amount of ground coffee used for the beverage is also a factor. So adjusting the water volume will only be a key factor if you keep the level of coffee the same.

Why is the water volume a mater issue? One of the big mistakes you’ll want to avoid is extracting a high amount of water. It will reduce the flavor, aroma, and caffeine, which is definitely something you’ll want to avoid when making an espresso in particular.

The key is to find the right balance. A major issue to consider is the type of coffee drink you’re making. For example, the water volume should be considered in terms of whether you’re preparing a tall Americano or shot of espresso, for example.

  1. Extraction Time

Here’s another important setting to consider when making a coffee. People often have rules they follow about the right time. This is often stated to be approximately 25-30 seconds. What exactly is the extraction time? This is the amount of time hot water contacts the ground coffee. When the extraction time is longer more solids are extracted. It’s good when some solids are extracted but others aren’t.

It’s important to follow some basic rules in terms of extraction times. If you’re making an espresso it’s important to consider different variables and the extraction time of 10 to 20 seconds. There’s over-extraction when you begin to see white dots.

If you make pressure-brewed coffee it shouldn’t be brewed for more than 30 seconds. That’s because after that time the extraction of bad solids will start. Make sure to watch out for white dots that start to form on the crema. After 30 seconds stop brewing the coffee then add hot water.

  1. Gaggia’s Grinder Review

The grind is one of the types of settings that are often skipped when operating espresso machines. However, it’s an important one you should definitely remember. That’s because it can have a big effect on the quality of your espresso. That’s an important issue whether you’re a newbie or pro espresso/cappuccino maker.

Make sure to do some experimentation since different types of coffee beans perform better with certain grinds. For example, dark roasts should generally have coarser grinds. How can you know if the grinder setting is right? The espresso should exit thick and at the right speed.

You should also check the coffee pucks in the waste container. Make sure they’re firm instead of soggy. Crumble one using your hands and make sure you can see/feel all of the particles instead of being ground as thing as a powder and not big particles either. This might sound like a complex process but it’s definitely worthwhile. Once you’ve mastered the process it will be easier to figure out if the grind is right or needs some tweaking.

There are other factors to consider in terms of the espresso machine’s grinding sessions. You should also make sure there’s enough crema. Also, check to verify there’s enough taste in the espresso. If you observe these issues then there’s a good chance the grind is over course and should be set a little finer. What if the espresso exits at a slow speed or small volume and tastes bitter/harsh? If that’s the case then the grind is likely too fine and should be made a little coarser.

Make sure to adjust the grinder while it’s operating. This will allow you to make on-the-fly adjustments until you get the right coarseness. You should also test it with a few shots of espresso so you’ll be able to determine if the setting is right. If it isn’t then it’s time to make an adjustment so you get the best results. Remember the ultimate goal is to get the best-tasting espresso possible. It will take a while to find out where the sweet spot is based on the various espresso machine’s settings.

  1. Coffee Amount

Here’s another set to consider when using your Gaggia Brera to make a coffee beverage. This factor lets you adjust the amount of coffee is ground for each cup. If you add more water it will be tough for the water to go through to the extraction time will slow down and boost the coffee/water ratio. That results in a stronger drink.

How about if you want to prepare a big drink such as a mug of coffee? In that case, you should add a higher volume of coffee and also use a coarser grind. That will lower the bitterness from a long extraction.


Feedback on Gaggia Brera problems + advantages

The Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine has received generally positive reviews from past customers. In particular, it’s been praised as an affordable starter espresso machine for people who wanted a high-end unit that’s fully automatic. However, if you’re looking for a unit with more controls and settings you should probably consider a different model.

Another key feature of the unit is it’s less complex than other units. One of the main benefits is it’s a great option for new espresso machine owners. However, it’s also a good option for people with more experience using the machines. That’s because they’ll be more likely to use them on a regular basis since they’re easier to use than other units on the market.

Another major benefit that’s been pointed out is the Brera’s value. It has an under-$500 price tag yet is fully automatic and provides several settings. It’s also much cheaper than buying espressos or cappuccinos at coffee shops. If you make a few coffee drinks during the day then this is definitely a good option. You won’t have to worry about putting in a lot of time and effort.


Gaggia Brera review round-up

The Gaggia Brera is an excellent option if you’re looking for a high-end espresso machine that’s easy to use and an excellent option for espresso newbies. That’s because it gives the operator the ability to change key settings in order to provide the best espresso, cappuccino, or American possible. The price is certainly reasonable due to the quality and features provided by the espresso machine. After spending some time learning how to adjust the settings you’ll end up with a great cup of your favorite hot beverage.

Who is best suited for this espresso machine? If you want to get your feet wet in the espresso/cappuccino game then the Brera is a good option. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for a unit in the under-$500 price range. The unit provides shoppers with a quality espresso machine while also offering an affordable price tag.

The Gaggia Brera is a “simple” machine but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. It’s always important to remember that this is a Gaggia product. The company has become world-famous for its coffee/espresso machines that include high-end quality and craftsmanship. Both are important when you’re in the market for a unit so it’s one of the best options. It’s coffee time!

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