Keurig K15 review

Sipping a cup of coffee while working, can boost you up and helps you make more energy. But taking time out from the busy schedule of life to make a coffee might not be possible always. However, you need not worry about making coffee anymore. Keurig does the hard work for you and serves you with hot coffee anytime you want. So, we present our Keurig K15 review for your better understanding of the product.

Keurig K15 features – compact coffee maker

Keurig is known to deliver innovative and reliable products for a broad range of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. It is one of the trusted names whenever it comes to the beverage market. The Keurig K15 is a compact and small-sized coffee brewer which can serve rich and delicious coffee to you. The features of this single serve coffee maker are enlisted below:

  • Multiple cup taste option – K15 allows the user to select from the predefined cup sizes. The options available are 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. 6 oz can be chosen for a strong taste.
  • No water reservoir – The coffee maker does not have water tank attached to it, making it lighter and portable. You only need to add water to the machine and the maker will brew your coffee accordingly.
  • Removable tray pod – The drip tray of any coffee machine is likely to get dirty due to spill or coffee dripping from the nozzle. And cleaning them becomes difficult. But Keurig K15 has made it simpler with their detachable dripping tray.
  • Auto turn off mode – The usage of smart technology in the coffee maker helps you to save energy and cost as well. The machine switches off automatically when it stays idle for ninety seconds after use.

What does Keurig provide along with the compact coffee maker?

Keurig understands the requirement of a consumer and they know that it is not easy to make a perfect cup of coffee. Each purchase of a Keurig K15 product provides the buyer with the machine, a user manual, and a standard warranty.

However, there are special benefits as well. There is an extended warranty of around three years for an additional fee. There is an option of reusable K cup by Keurig which otherwise can cost near 70c per cup in the marketplace. Keurig storage drawer is yet another benefit imparted to the buyers where they can put the capsules out of sight but in easy reach.

How does Keurig K15 work?

The working principle is pretty similar to making a coffee on a stove. But the value that has been added by Keurig is that you only have to do the first step of coffee making and everything else will be taken care of by the compact coffee brewer.

  1. Switch on the coffee maker and you will be prompted by the machine as to which steps to follow.
  2. Add the desired quantity of water (cup size preferable) to the machine.
  3. Add a k-cup.
  4. Select your desired size on the panel and wait for 3 minutes. The delay is mainly due to the fact that the machine will take up to 2 minutes of time to heat the water and then brew the coffee.

What are the advantages of the model?

In the Keurig K15 review, we have done some extensive research taking into consideration various customer feedbacks and cross-reference with different websites. As we come across different features, we have enlisted the advantages of this compact coffee maker which are as follows:

  • Keurig products are reliable and are durable.
  • A wide range of options in flavor across various brands.
  • You can use your own freshly ground coffee.
  • The product is perfect for a small kitchen.
  • The Keurig K15 model can be bargained under $80.

While the advantages are many, there are some disadvantages as well.

  • There is no water tank. Hence, if you want to make multiple cups at a time, the brewing can get messy.
  • The time is almost the same for making coffee manually.
  • Coffee capsules have to be used of Keurig brand.

Some users’ tips – overview of the Keurig K15 review

Making the most of the machine is what every user thinks while using the product? In order to get the benefits and make it last long, following are some pro tips that you can check:

  • Read the user manual by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the machine periodically and thoroughly.
  • Use filtered water to protect the machine as well as your health.
  • Descale the machine on a regular basis.
  • Use good quality coffee.

Who can use the K15 product?

Keurig K15 is a perfect product for the people who want their coffee at the push of a button. The machine is portable. So if you more of a wanderer or travelers who travel in a camper van, then the product is a fit for you. It is lightweight, small and compact and thus takes a very small space in your van.

The machine is also suitable for a person who is not a frequent coffee drinker. You need not worry about draining the water as it lacks the water tank which removes the possibility of smelly, stagnant water.

Who should avoid the Keurig K15?

It is not a heavy duty coffee maker. If you are planning to buy this product to satisfy your home needs for coffee, then it may not be the apt choice. The machine is not made to accomplish family goals for coffee. But yes, you can have the machine at your home and can use it on rare occasions for personal uses like late night work or late night study.


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