Keurig K425 vs K475

People always tend to get confused between Keurig’s products K425 and K475. It does not come as a surprise for us as the features and functions offered by both the products do fall in the same categories. Keurig offers you coffee brewers from 2 models with all the more same features. In the article given below, you will find what is common and different between K425 and K475.

Main features in both the products:

Both the models provide you with 11 brew sizes with a water reservoir of about 70 Oz. Both of them have temperature and strength control in them. The company has added color touch screens to both the models for good. Both the models are easy to clean, thanks to the removable water reservoir and drip tray. The products also come with energy saver mode and programmability.

Difference between Keurig K425 vs K475:

Although the company claims to have updated the 425 version, the updating has been made just by adding a mere starter kit to the product. Yes, that’s the only difference between the two Keurig products.

Specifications and design features:

The dimensions of both the products along with their weights make them very much compact with respect to the functions they are made to offer us. They also have a 70 oz water reservoir which adds to the bulk and design. They are made to provide with 11 different brew sizes which include all the K-cups and carafes. But no carafe cup which does not have a Keurig trademark will fit the machine.

Though the products have been provided with different names, the body and external features lay exactly the same and have no differences externally. The top of the carafe has the screen with the company’s name on the top. The curvy and sleek design is a candy to the eye for both the models. The products also come in multiple colors like red with will suit a white counter kitchen perfectly.

How does the coffee taste?

Well, if you were blindfolded and ask to taste coffee from each of the coffee makers, you won’t be able to figure out the difference. This suggests that not only the models look similar but even the coffee from both the models tastes the same.

Varieties provided:

Although the appliances will offer pod coffee with their primary function, you can also prepare coffee on with your convenience. For that, you need to get yourself a My K-cup Reusable Coffee Filter. You can also brew yourself an easy tea, hot chocolate or a similar beverage within a fraction of seconds. The machines are not just for caffeine addicted people, each member of the family can enjoy the fresh coffee aroma and kick-start their day.

The best features of both the products are that they offer strength and temperature control buttons that help you regulate the coffee taste at your own convenience.

Design and features:

The products K425 and K475 come with a touchscreen that only differs the products from traditional coffee maker but also enhance your kitchen look and give it a modern touch. The easy to use and user-friendliness of the models make preparing coffee a child’s play. In addition, the on and off buttons make coffee making an automatic process.

The appliances have to the point instructions and manual which lets you prepare your first cup of coffee in the morning a few minutes job.

Additionally, as mentioned above, the models come with 70 ounces of water reservoir which works great for products of that price. The machines also come with easily removable drip tray and give both the models a sleek and stylish look.

Conclusion on this Keurig K425 vs K475 comparison

As discussed, the only difference that both Keurig K425 and K475 have is the starter kit. Therefore, it’s on you to decide whether the starter kit is worth a few extra bucks if you favor it, buy K425. If not, you can take home Keurig K475.


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