Keurig K50 vs K55

Coffee machines one of the most practical objects in our lives and rarely given any attention to.

Why play ‘Spot the Difference’ when they are all alike and all we need is freshly brewed coffee to kick start the day.

Yet, we at Dripped Coffee care to find the minute differences.

Keurig is one of the most well-known brands in the business, who is also known to confuse people with the manufacturing of almost identical coffee machines. The important word is ‘almost’!

To stave your confusion we are here to help.

And help is something we are always willing to extend with our expertise.

With this article, we try to point out the minor differences between Keurig K55 and K50. For they are neither identical nor wildly different.

Read on to find out more.


Specifications and Durability

When it comes to weight the K50 with 7.6 pounds is relatively lighter than the K55 which is of 12 pounds. Similarly, with a height difference of 2 inches, the K50 is closely packed, unlike its brother.

The reason for the difference is attributed to the advanced interior of K55 as professed by the manufacturers.

In other words, K55 is more durable with longevity that surpasses K50. This still does not prove anything and from our experience, the real cause of machine breakdowns are poor maintenance and failure to de-scale between intervals.


The Design

However much we look at utility value it never hurts to have a designer machine furnishing your kitchen.

Both K55 and K50 are well balanced with their aesthetic value.

Do not misinterpret that to mean they have some advanced features. Rather every time someone goes up to make a cuppa she will comment on the machines built.

Neither of them boasts of extra features and lack temperature or pressure controls; reflecting the price.

Despite that both come in two colors, red and jet black; lending them class and sophistication that is sure to impress.

But they do have indicator lights meant to help you navigate and lend a feel of illumination over the countertop.

Honestly, put side by side it will be difficult to differentiate at first glance and you will be bewildered by the model names and the purpose for it.



One of the most unique features of any Keurig machine is its ability to bring out individual flavors of different pods.

While it can be troublesome, every day starting with the discovery of a new flavor but if variety is your choice of vice be rest assured that Keurig delivers.

Both K55 and K50 allow pods from any and every brand that one might like. Unlike their previous models which only allowed Keurig pods.

Want more reasons to rejoice?

Now you can brew tea, iced coffee or hot cocoa in the same machine other than the usual coffee. Serve up whatever your family and guests prefer within few minutes!



They come with button-control panels which are easily accessible. The K55 is a recent model than K50 has smoother control getting an extra thumbs up from our end.

A large 48-ounce reservoir allowing most mugs to fit it and a removable tray churn 6 cups before needing a refill.

Not to forget their record brewing time which is under 1-minute with both heating and brewing time.

What more can one ask for than a coffee-machine that does all your job and more when all you need is a large mug of freshly brewed coffee early morning and the aroma wafting through the air getting your senses dancing.



One cannot provide a complete guide to coffee-machines without talking about the taste rendered by them. Ideally, the coffee tastes best in the first 6 ounces that are brewed. After which the strength decreases. But it has been noticed that K55’s brew is relatively stronger.

Yet the difference in taste is not really drastic and by the looks of it, Keurig didn’t really try changing the taste despite the upgrade in K50.

To conclude it is no surprise that both K55 and K50 are from the same ancestry with not many changes in the updated K50.

Thus, it’ll be completely up to the consumer and the money she is willing to spend as the deciding factor between the two models.

Unlike the previous generations of models, the K55 and K50 can be marketed as one but it is always better for manufacturers to have a larger variety in the market.

Still, if I were to buy between the two it would be K55 since it is a newer model than K50.

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